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Hey, I have a new computer, and i do not have a DVD drive, can i still buy WoW on the website and download it ?
You don't even have to buy it! Download the installer from and run it to start a free trial.
Downloading it is the better way to go in any case. The version on the DVDs is so old that you'll end up downloading pretty much all of the game anyhow in the update.

If you've already got a WoW account on your old computer, you can use it on your new one. Download the game and log into your account. If your time is expired, you'll have to buy game time to play any characters above level 20 (and other starter count restrictions apply.)
if you have an existing account just download the launcher and then download the base game via the launcher. if you don't have an account just download the launcher and buy it digitally via the launcher/blizzard website then download via the launcher.

you don't need a cd drive anymore. it's basically like any other game now a days that you buy digitally. other then that if you buy physical box versions of the new expac idk if it gives you a cd or just a code. i assume a cd like old times with a code?

i don't have a cd drive either bought one but it never wants to sync up when i plug it in and read any of my cd's so screw it. used to sync up just fine but iudk why it doesn't sometimes.
Dont forget back up your thumb drive. It’s so much faster for downloads.

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