<Currently Online> Multiple Raid/RBG teams

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The new PvP season is out in full swing! Check out our PvP and LFG channels to find yourself some arena partners for that 2k push! Or check our website for an RBG team that fits your schedule! Lok'tar Ogar!

Come join the fun! Social events, external games, raiding, pvp, giveaways! We have a bit of everything for everyone!
Congratulations to all of our teams on their raid progression last week! There are still some teams that are short people before they can make the jump into Mythic or Heroic, so take a look at our website and send in some team applications if you are interested!
Come join the best community in WoW! Check out all the wonderful raid teams we have going! https://currentlyonline.gg/raiding/
Unique community! You wont find this variety of events anywhere but here.

Browse our site!
Come hang out with amazing People so you are not bored And not in a guild that has a dead guild chat or a dead server. Come see what we have going on in events, Raiding or RBGS. Currentlyonline.gg/
Looking for a raid team in BfA? We have some new teams starting up, head on over to https://currentlyonline.gg/raiding to see our offerings.

Also while you are there, check out our handy-dandy Team Finder. Enter your spec and it will filter our team list to teams recruiting for your spec! Yes that includes our RBG teams as well!
Don't find yourself drawn into those "pop up guilds" that are a dime a dozen, hop in with the largest community in WoW and find your home in a stable community with multiple raid teams, events, and more! Https://discord.gg/Currentlyonline
Looking for people to group with--Mythic Plus dungeons, Island Adventures, Warfronts, PvP? How about a raid team--normal, heroic, or mythic progress? There's something for everything so stop on by and see what we're all about!
Are you looking for people to play with? Please stop by our discord and check us out. We are always looking for fun people to group with so don't be shy!
With over 35+ Raid and RBG teams there's bound to be something that fits your needs. Come check us out!
Come join the fun! Social events, external games, raiding, pvp, giveaways! We have a bit of everything for everyone!
With main characters geared and raid ready, it's time to begin looking at those alts! We have a guild Normal Uldir PuG coming up this weekend and weekly BG and RBG events for all guildies!
Come check out what Currently Online has to offer as far as our raid teams go! https://currentlyonline.gg/team-finder/
Are you looking for a social guild? Love chatting in game or in discord? Then come and check us out!
Looking for home or perhaps a raid team? Is PvP or Mythic Plus more your thing? How about leveling alts or achievements? If any of those things interest you and you are looking for people that love this game then please check us out! We are actively seeking people who want to be apart of positive non-toxic community. A place where friends can come together and enjoy WoW. See more information on our website: http://currentlyonline.gg or join our discord and have a look around http://discord.gg/CurrentlyOnline
Some of our teams already breaking into mythic! check our site frequently for bi-weekly progression updates, and Mondays for forum post updates!
Come one, come all, come join the best community in all of WoW. Join Currently Online today!
We have SO MANY raid and RBG teams.

So many.

Please help us fill them. Get some sweet lewtz. Join today!
Come Find an amazing Raid or RBG team to run with. We have quite the bit of Events going on as well come check them out. Currentlyonline.gg/voice

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