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Come join Currently Online! We have teams to fit every schedule and there is always something to do!
Updated last week's progression!
Looking for a raid team in BfA? We have some new teams starting up, head on over to https://currentlyonline.gg/raiding to see our offerings.

Also while you are there, check out our handy-dandy Team Finder. Enter your spec and it will filter our team list to teams recruiting for your spec! Yes that includes our RBG teams as well!
Come take a peak at what we are doing. Events going on all the time. Don't sit around just wondering what you are going to be doing.
Looking for a forever home? Want to play in a non-toxic community? Then join us. We'd love for you to check us out!!!!
Are you loving the expansion? Hating it? Let's talk about it! Join our discord and chat us up. Message us throughout the channels or pop into comms. No strings attached. Just some great people looking to play and talk to other chill people about the game.

And if WoW doesn't interest you right now, we play lots of other ones too.

Come take a look at our selection of raid and RBG teams. If you dont see something that fits your schedule, Just give us a holler!
Are you already suffering from expansion fatigue? Feel like there is nothing to do, and no reason to log in? Maybe switching things up a bit will help! Our gaming community spans multiple games and genres so you can always find someone to hang out with!
Join the largest community in WoW, raid and do all you need. It's a lot of fun and an experience you wont forget!

Select your spec and see which of our teams needs you!
Come be part of something special and amazing!

Were always welcoming new People Come join something awesome :D
Have you always wanted to try out raiding, but never knew where to start? We have several solutions just for you!

This week we will be holding a Raiding 101 seminar in our Discord lobby. This event, taught by mythic raiders, will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in any raiding environment.

If classroom settings aren't your thing, we are also offering hands-on Normal Uldir Runs this week for both our Horde and Alliance guilds! Come drop in our Discord and message me #Ochyro4197 if you are interested!
Updating from last week's raiding!
Come join our wonderful community. Check out our Website to see what we have going go! https://currentlyonline.gg/
There's always something happening. Even if you need a break from WOW we have groups and a discord server for that too!
Looking for some fun people to bust out some high keys with? Come check out our discord and make some friends to push the new content with!
What teams are looking for you? https://currentlyonline.gg/team-finder/
check us out at https://currentlyonline.gg/ always something to do!
Are you tired of playing alone? Is your in-game guild chat dead? Then come play with us! There's something for everyone--raiding, pvping, Mythic+, etc. Please check us out!

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