<Currently Online> Multiple Raid/RBG teams

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Come join the fun! Social events, external games, raiding, pvp, giveaways! We have a bit of everything for everyone! Currentlyonline.gg or discord.gg/currentlyonline
Updated!! woot
Skeptical of a large guild? Afraid that you might get lost in a sea of players? Then hop into discord and see what we are all about! There are tons of events that will help you interact with the community. Don't have a mic? No worries, just message within the channels. Happy gaming friends!

Are you tired of playing alone? Is your in-game guild chat dead? Then come play with us! There's something for everyone--raiding, pvping, Mythic+, etc. Please check us out! Https://currentlyonline.gg or on discord at discord.gg/Currentlyonline
check us out at https://currentlyonline.gg/ always something to do!
Stuck in a dead guild? Stuck on a dead Realm? Look no further join the best community in WoW. Plenty of things to do here for you RBG'S, Raiding, PVP, and plenty of events always going on.
Are you looking to raid? We have teams on both horde and alliance side that range in difficulty. Are you looking for daytime, weekday, or weekend teams? We have them all! Please take a second and check them out at https://currentlyonline.gg/raiding/
Looking for a raid team? We have some new teams starting up, head on over to https://currentlyonline.gg/raiding to see our offerings.

Also while you are there, check out our handy-dandy Team Finder. Enter your spec and it will filter our team list to teams recruiting for your spec! Yes that includes our RBG teams as well!

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