Suggestion for "The Healing of Shen-zin Su"

I tried sending this suggestion through a GM ticket, and it's late at night. I wanted to post it somewhere now that I wrote up this massive letter for a GM, but it had exceeded the character limit, but that's all good. I'll just post it here ;)

Hey there, I have recently cleared the starting area on my Rogue Panderan, Smashpanda. I really enjoyed the story, but I had one major issue with the quest titled: "The Healing of Shen-zin Su." While I have completed it, I realized that there were some major fundamental problems with the quest itself. I'll list off some problems, and ways I'd fix it.

The objective of this quest is to work with the Horde and Alliance to heal the scar which has resulted from the removal of the alliance ship lodged in the side of Shen-zin Su. I feel as though the player must work in tandem with other players to complete this objective. Players must recruit alliance priests and horde druids to heal the scar, and then protect them from adds which spawn along the scar.

Normally, this would be fine, but my issue, is that I created the character and there happened to be nobody else on at the time. This may be a result of the recently released allied races, or the time in which this quest chain was completed.

When you're playing by yourself in this quest, you're forced to do both objectives, and depending on the class you can have an insanely difficult time doing so. I'd imagine classes like warriors and monks would have an easier time due to their AOE mechanics, but assassination rogues are short range, limited to one long range ability, a throwing ability, "Poisoned Knife." To me, I was able to handle these adds without many issues, after dying a couple times trying to figure out a strategy.

My strategy, was to aggro all the mobs, disregard my health pool, and stand in Ji Firepaw's healing orbs which can only spawn while he's in combat. That was the only way I could complete this objective. In hind sight, I feel as though when he does his crane kick, you'd be able to transfer aggro to him to make it easier, but I didn't think of that at the time. Also, I may have had a much easier time switching to outlaw, but again, passed over my head.

As for my suggestion to fix this issue, there are a couple ways I could see this done. First, adds could spawn closer to the alliance camp, forcing them to go through mobs, which would split up aggro, and allow users to turtle on the healers once they've been given safe entry to the wound. Currently, adds spawn on the hills less than 10 yards away from all healers, so if you're soloing this content, you need to stay very aware of the adds which spawn. New users may not understand this.

Another option, is to have even one or two Alliance or Horde Infantry men or grunts fighting off, and splitting up the aggro of these adds. Really, there were times where I had to balance 7-8 adds on my character at once, which I was able to handle, but others may not.

The entire time, I was streaming this on twitch, if you'd like to check it out or forward it to your quest building team, be my guest. If anything, the description is more important than the video as it outlines a couple more struggles I had to go through to get the quest operational. I also recorded this on a potato. Thanks :)
This quest is still very badly broken. Please fix this.
Just spent a ridiculous amount of time with my lvl 17 monk which left my wife stranded/stuck on this quest as a pandaran priest. I hacked at it for at least 40 minutes and just had to take a break. Easily one of the most broken quests I've ever played in this game...
still broke, please fix
This is unacceptably awful. What if you were new to the game entirely, and had the misfortune of choosing a Pandarin as your first toon on a low-pop server? I just can't imagine the logic here. Not a great thing to have happen so early on in leveling a character.

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