BFA: Artifacts can be mogged over any weapon

If you're a holy paladin how are you going to use it going forward? You'll be able to transmog your 2-hander over your 1-hand + shield. Feral Druids don't normally use daggers and they'll be able to transmog their appearance over that. However, it will remain spec specific.
I can live with that.
I'd rather they did this for artifacts matching the currently active spec, while also allowing cross-spec usage of the same class' other artifacts if they'd be usable under normal transmog rules. "Class fantasy" and "spec fantasy" are just buzzwords to justify whatever they're doing without any logical reasons to back it up. Existing transmog rules and the available selection of equipment already allow for class and spec fantasy to be violated at the player's discretion.

Furthermore, we now have evidence that it's only Blizzard's choice and not a restriction in the game code that keeps people from having cosmetic equivalents of the old 2h Frost DK or Single-Minded Fury warrior.

It honestly feels pointlessly restrictive (and almost punitive, in a way) to be told that we can't use our artifact appearances the same way we'd use any other equippable weapon for our classes, if we choose to. MM and BM hunters can equip any other bow or gun in the game interchangeably with transmog, but they won't be able to interchangeably equip any of the new bows and guns they just got. And the new bows are the only bows in the game with a quiver accessory. Ret paladins won't be able to use the only 2h hammers in the game that have a libram accessory.

There are tons of other examples of artifact skins that would work across specs without going cross-class if they were normal weapons. They've even made some class-locked spec-agnostic weapon appearances in Legion already. I can use the same Silver Hand NPC hammer on my Holy spec and Ret spec alike. My DK can likewise use the exact same 2h swords, axes and polearms in Unholy or Blood spec that can be seen strewn around Acherus.

These weapon appearances are all class-locked, but they're not spec-locked, and it doesn't hurt anybody's immersion or fantasy or anything. So why can't the same flexibility be applied to the artifact appearances, especially when some of them took so much time and effort to acquire?
No matter what Blizzard fixes, people still find something to complain about.
For now I'll have to live with the fact that I can only use my artifact bow xmog if I remain marksman spec. I would like to be able to use them as beast master spec at some point though. I spent a lot of time and effort taming some of those BM only pets. It'd be a shame to not get to use them together.
Ah thanks God
Ya let bm's only use guns and marksmens the bows. Sounds REALISTIC ?
Except my priest still cant mog over the wand, since it's a "ranged" weapon. But holy paladins can turn a 1H + shield into a bloody 2H yeah that's fair. Considering there are so many freaking wands.. GG blizz multiple threads on this not a single blue post either.

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