<Vigil> US 77th Now Selling Mythic Antorus

<Vigil> located on Sargeras is now selling full or partial Mythic Antorus bosses as well as the Mythic Gul'dan mount.

- We accept gold only.

- Cross realm characters are allowed as well as cross-realm currency.

- We require a 20% down payment as confirmation of the sale and your presence on the sale date and time. We will give you a 30 minute grace period to show up or a negotiable length of time if you warn us in advance.

- We do our runs on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 - 10 CST/server time.

- On master loot runs you get everything you need for your main spec (multiple token drops, etc.) aside from max item level relics (985).

Mythic Antorus
9/11 Mythic Personal Loot
Full Clear Mythic Personal Loot (no mount)

Mythic Gul'dan mount

For info Contact myself, Fen#12880
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Add me, I will be on after work today.

Stimulate #11862

Lets chat about the guldan mount.

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