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I see a lot of threads being created in regards to people wanting to create characters in either horde or alliance for racial abilities. And I don't know, but to me it just feels like everyone is crying about something so minimal; to think that people will actually fork over thirty dollars for one little stupid skill is absolutely nuts.

What I find even crazier is the number of people who justify bad things that happen to them as racial being the culprit. Oh the alliance is losing more? It has to be the racials, oh the horde is winning more? Their racials are OP. Like stop with this nonsense.

To put a sense of support in what I'm saying I'll use bajheera, the streamer. That guy just recently posted a video of himself playing a dwarf warrior in the BfA beta and he killed three people with it. There was this one occasion where a paladin was fighting him and the paladin decided to use flash of light instead of attacking him. It wasn't the racials fault that the paladin died, but his stupidity for using flash of light at the wrong moment.

What I'm saying is whether you decide to faction or race change, don't let the racials be the main factor in changing over, instead let it be the lore, or your taste towards the race. You are not going to get better at playing your class because of a racial trust me. You trust me right? There's no such thing as free energy, you trust me right?
I dunno, the Gift of the Naaru has saved my butt multiple times, it's the only time another "damage reduction" in the shape of a self-heal helps as we shamans got a bit screwed on DR.
Humans had the most OP racial for YEARS finally gutted, thank God it was irritating. No alliance that isn't fotm has any right to whine, Warlords of Draenor was an alliance expansion, this happens EVERY expac, it was a new expac, therefore it was favored to the horde. Its a money maker, don't deny it, you all know its true
I agree with you to a point but there are time when certain racial just makes thing easier. In this case it was arcane torrent and rocket boot which are both on the horde.

Now for the most part this only really pertains to the world first crowd and the top 100 as a whole. But these guild get alot of attention and when people see what they did and how they did it yea people are Goin to copy it, even if that mean faction or race changes.
They should have been made purely cosmetic a long time ago. I guess blizz loves profiting off of race changes when they buff/nerf certain racials.
In PvE i'd agree that the racials are nice but never absolute game-changers and most of the time, even and especially when looking at the best of the best, the races don't matter since I can see a Blood Elf Shadow Priest can do better than a Troll Priest, when arguably the Troll haste racial is bonkers for shadow. Large scale considered, they don't matter.

PvP however, now that you are against a person, a class fundamentally designed to "try" to be equal to you, and then add a racial as potentially the only determining factor, I can see why there may be issues. The disparity becomes apparent when you an undead healing priest vs. a goblin healing priest. I could argue strongly that the goblin racial to boost yourself away would be life-changing than what the undead has to offer these days.

In that context, it does seem to matter but mostly in PvP and outside of that it added flair to your race and essential RP elements to the feel of your character and the magic of and RPG; especially awesome if you care for such things, like charging as a highmountain tauren and truly feeling like an unstoppable bull.

Maybe in the future, eliminate racials from organized PvP? Or instead of pruning down, keep racials and allow the character to opt to switch a generic looking version of any race of their choosing, for the duration of the organized PvP?

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