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M+ has been one of the great additions to Legion, esp for folks like myself and guildies who enjoyed raiding with friends but irl commitments as we all got older made trying to herd enough of us together at a consistent time for raiding became effectively impossible. Keystones has been a chance for us to be able to still have a type of challenging content to tackle together that is far easier to schedule!

HOWEVER, with that said, I def think there are some areas that have some room for significant improvement!

**(I am speaking from the position of having not yet earned the +15 achieve, so I am speaking as what I suppose would be called a casual, but I love the feature and want to see it improve in BfA and hope they keep players like myself and my friends in mind as they work on fine tuning keystones for the next expansion.)**

I frankly dislike the death penalty... I realize that it cannot simply be a 'we death zerg past things', but when trying to learn on something already timed (esp when it's a new to us affix in an already challenging dungeon), having a death shave precious time off just feels bad... I know plenty will simply cry out 'git gud' and all those 'isms, and trust me, I am def in camp 'my dps should die less'. But - at the end of the day, I value playing w/ the friends I've had since BC over pushing the crazy high levels like all the cool kids. However, I can't help feeling like there has to be some way to make death matter w/o being such a possible snowball into a completely lost timer... (esp since even one death will slow you down w/o the extra lost time taken by the invisible hand of Blizzard).

I also want to echo the many sentiments of making sure to keep keystones and their affixes in mind when both designing/tuning the dungeons and with tweaking/tuning classes/specs!! I am thankful that my main is a holy pally which apparently is the 'right' healing class for keystones, but my husband tank is ofc the 'wrong' tank spec as a prot warrior and while a couple of my dps pals are currently the 'right' specs (aff lock and marks hunter), we also have a feral druid, ele shaman and ret pally, among others who also like to have fun and it can be punishing depending on the affix and dungeon combos we get...

As a healer, I am also less than fond of the affixes that pretty much put 90+ percent of the burden on my shoulders, as it is still /group/ content and it feels terrible to have things just seem like 'welp f' off healer types, this weeks sux for u!'. It can be so frustrating to look at your calendar and see some days that will sync up for us to want to run some keystones, only to see it's a healer-punishing affix and then we get terrible dungeon choices as our keys... if there was more balance across all the dungeon/affix combos, it would feel far less punishing for those of us who don't always have an equal amount of time to spend doing our keystones.

FIX EXPLOSIVE TARGETING SOMEHOW PLEASE!!! I will admit to not getting completely through every page of this thread, so if someone has offered ideas as to how to fix it, yay! All I can say is that dealing w/ explosive is SO FRUSTRATING! I (mostly) get the reasoning of why it can't be in a macro, but the fact that tab target is /still/ vaguely broken/dumb makes explosive so much harder than it should be. It also puts some dungeons farther towards the NOEP category simply b/c the structure of the dungeon and mob density plus explosive is just a whole pile of awful.

Overall I love the addition of the keystones and look forward to (ideally) dungeons in BfA that were designed knowing that keystone affixes would be a part of their life and hopefully a more balanced approach so that more classes/specs can feel like they are a useful contributor to the run and its success!

I enjoyed the Mythic+ system personally. It was fun and never ending for a while, but, something I would love to see added is more incentive to finish higher keystones. Transmog, mounts, titles, battle pets, etc. Maybe even an heirloom item?! Like bracers or something for finishing a certain level in time.

The seasons thing is pretty cool that's coming in BFA as well. Another thing I'd like to see is rather than damage scaling up with level, maybe something else I guess? I mean it seems a bit awkward when you have the entire party, except for the tank that is, able to be one shotted by a single boss or trash mob ability at say level 20+ without being so high in iLvL. I think that design needs to be implemented on and changed. Maybe something like with higher dungeon levels the mobs do a percentage of a player's HP rather than a fixed number? Like, perhaps with each level, starting at 2, the mobs begin doing 1% or 2% higher player health or something in damage. I dunno, I think you guys can figure out the math and all, but something where players are just never one shotted and can react to every situation.

Maybe an affix where mobs begin having different CC effects they can use on the players themselves! Like how the islands thing coming is like, but I suppose that would make it too similiar to the islands scenario thing. The only affixes I really disliked were Skittish, Explosive and Bursting. I hope Skittish can be/does get removed, though the others I'm fine with them staying. I just really dislike Skittish because a lot of players just don't watch their threat table. I loved the Teeming affix! It was a lot of fun to AoE even dungeons that normally don't have that many trash mobs. Anywho, I loved M+s and really enjoyed them! Thank you for implementing them and trying out something different this expansion.
I really loved mythic plus! One of the best additions to the game!

I think titanforge chance should be based on how fast you complete the dungeon and how high the key is going to be. I think you should fix titanforge altogether though.

My biggest complaint was that resto druids and holy paladins just dominated high keys. As a resto shaman main, I felt strong with my CDs but you just aren't as good as a Druid or paladin. It would be nice if there were some affixes that hurt those two classes (overflowing was pretty bad for paladins but a joke for everyone else). If you can balance mythic plus so that each healer can shine, that would be my biggest wish! Thanks!
Can we get a choice when we deplete a key if we want the same dungeon and same M+ level (so we can keep practicing the dungeon until we get it right) or a lower M+ level and random dungeon.
Its likely the best gameplay system in legion. Some thoughts on increasing the UI.

Improved UI
The M+ UI could be upgraded such that icons and descriptions of all of the affixes are available as reference. This removes the need to visit external sites for that information. The weekly key affixes could be sorted out of the list and placed in the order they would appear on a key (lvl 4, 7 and 10 ). Currently the icons and descriptions are available during the key using the default UI which is a useful as a reminder. This would just provide that same information in the base UI panel. It could potentially borrow from the BFA PvP honor talent UI such that the current active affixes are outlined in gold with the remainder on the side. At minimum, the active affixes for the week with their descriptions could be shown on the M+ UI.

A link to the M+ group Que pane could be a ease of use improvement (like the recommended feature links).

I do agree with a previous comment, a spawn point indicator on the map would be a nice feature to allow people to make informed decisions about releasing.

A solid intuition/knowledge does come with repetition and experience but an indicator for how much a trash mob contributes to total enemy forces would remove some of the guesswork.
Okay here are a few things I would love to see added in the future.

1. Unique Armor sets for completing all dungeons at a high keystone level for each season.
2. More Affixes! I would like to see at least 20 different unique combinations that way we don't get repeats of really bad weeks.
3.Faster balancing of classes that suck in high mythic plus levels.
Gg ezmode , more cosmetics thanks
Hi there. As someone that largely skipped over the last few expansions (and with it, challenge modes), the addition of Mythic+ has easily been one of the best things to happen to the game in a long time. While not perfect, it's been a good showing and I'm looking forward to what Blizzard does in BfA with M+ being a bigger focus for design than in Legion. Some current problems do exist, in addition to glaring DPS class balance issues which I won't touch upon as a healer 95% of the time.

Healer balance wise it's been abundantly obvious almost all expansion that holy paladins and resto druids reign supreme. For a variety of reasons, some of which have been reduced or removed in BfA, other healing specs just fall behind. Some things in particular I've noticed pushing keys as both holy and discipline priest specs, as well as on a holy paladin.

Throughput -

Currently throughput is one of the main advantages for paladin and druid healers, and disadvantages for the rest. Healing in M+ is extremely bursty, with often a single person or all 5 group members dipping regularly needing to be topped ASAP for the next ability which doesn't leave much room for classes designed around sustain healing such as holy priest or resto shaman.

Both priest specs currently struggle with 5man burst requirements, largely due to class design and balancing around raids. Disc offsets this somewhat with the use of Clarity of Will currently, which has worked well enough, but holy has nothing to help ease this. Disc on beta is in a really promising spot right now for 5 man output, though may fall prey to lacking output in higher end keys but until M+ is added to beta we won't know.

Holy priest is designed around power in two places, Mastery HoT healing and holy word CD usage. Echo healing in 5 mans is entirely useless, and it's far more effective to ditch mastery in favour of haste, critical strike or versatility to fill the gap in survivability. This leaves healing power through holy words, which has incredible healing in Serenity but often less useful healing in Sanctify but these are limited due to their cooldown. Currently one of the best ways to deal with burst healing for holy priest is to use Holy Word Sancitfy for the Divinity talent passive buff and then spam flash heal, but with Divinity being removed along with a lot of quality Holy Word traits, this power disappears. Obviously it'd be hard to balance around, but moving holy priest away from power in the holy words and more to power in raw healing would make it considerably more viable for 5 mans. Another way is through dungeon damage pattern design, which we haven't had a chance to see in M+ on beta yet, but from heroics it's not looking good for holy priest there.

Damage wise both specs are beaten considerably by druid and paladin damage, which is a significant boost to a group's ability to push keys. This so far seems to be better balanced in BfA, though holy priest damage is far worse off in BfA with the removal of the artifact weapon procing extra damage and holy nova doing next to no damage.


As it stands druid and paladin have had their survivability on beta nerfed a bit so I won't harp on too much about this, but they're still ahead of the pack on this.

Currently other healer survivability just doesn't keep up well enough with how scaling works, especially on Tyrannical weeks. Both priest specs suffer due to no real personal CDs, with holy relying on Desperate Prayer max HP boost (which is still poor) and hoping for RNG resets and disc relying on shields and Fade damage reduction from the artifait trait. Both of these CDs reach a point where they just don't do anything, and depending on the dungeon that can be sooner rather than later, so priest then has to rely on gearing to get past that. Requiring Prydaz (removed in BfA), an avoidance set (RNG tertiary + set ring farming from Seat) and stacking versatility (secondaries heavily reduced in BfA) just to continue pushing past the pretty low wall some dungeons such as BRH set is pretty tedious and having to go to an external website to calculate whether you even have enough gear to survive a boss mechanic from full HP using CDs before you agree to go isn't fun.

Desperate Prayer being baseline in BfA and having no decay in max health over the duration is a welcome change, it's a nerf to initial one shot survivability (30% in Legion with a decay vs 25% in BfA with no decay) but a significant buff for everything else. However, this CD is still extremely poor compared to most other CDs due to the lack of damage reduction. One way to counter this without being too imbalanced AND providing priest with some more meaningful decision making is to either provide Fade with a 10% damage reduction with the same CD as current, similar to the disc artifact trait.

Another problem holy faces is the loss of the Guardians of the Light double GS trait, which despite GS being worse than most other external CDs on paper, makes GS extremely strong in 5man content. Reworking the Guardian Angel talent to provide this effect back would be extremely helpful to holy survivability which is looking quite sketchy compared to Legion with the removal of a lot of aids discussed above, and have the added benefit of making the level 45 talent row not hard-locked into LoTN for all content, as current Guardian Angel and Afterlife are not even close to competitive.


Currently utility is another major factor for healer class balance in M+, though it's not as significant as throughput or survivability as evident by resto shaman having utility in spades but extremely poor representation in high M+ rankings. Once again, paladins and druids win this, as their utility has major impacts on how you and complete keys. BoP allows you to pull bigger without fear of melee getting cleaved to death (think pulling all the trash to the first boss as well as the whole boat pull after the second boss in Maw of Souls and then think about how many paladins were in the MDI especially in the first rounds where Maw was a set map). Likewise, druid stealth lets you res skip a lot of trash. These are excellent design and allow these classes to offer some really unique ways to alter how you do a key and make them really desirable. MW monk having Ring of Peace and Leg Sweep in BfA may do similar things.

Priest utility is currently really poor in both Legion and BfA beta. We bring Mass Dispel, a single offensive dispel, magic + disease dispels, no hard CC outside of Censure for holy priest (which is still just a small stun and adds to stun diminishing returns for the group) and a knock back you can talent into that does more harm than good due to sending mobs to Africa. One simple way to provide all priest specs with a little extra utility is to remove the CD increase to Mind Control when taking the Dominant Mind talent, as well as adding the talent to all 3 specs (making it baseline across all 3 specs as well may be worth considering) as this will allow priests to MC some useful mobs to make pulls easier and provide some brief buffs similar to the utility provided by DK control undead.

Ultimately these are just some suggestions and thoughts from my experience doing keys around the +22-25 level, there are plenty more that can be provided from plenty better players than I. There are more issues facing healers, particularly priest, than just listed above (such as mobility - and the inability for holy priest to do any healing on the move), however these problems listed above I feel are the most important at the moment.

On a side note, the Tyrannical and Fortified affixes are, in my view, extremely bad game design and make balancing unnecessarily harder. These affixes don't provide any meaningful change to gameplay, they just further highlight class imbalances and in the case of Tyrannical make bosses take absurd amounts of time making pushing unfun. Affixes such as Bolstering and Explosive, while annoying, still provide a somewhat meaningful change to the way you do a key through gameplay change.

Thank you for your time reading this and I look forward to what M+ brings in BfA.
I liked the idea of Mythics, but I rarely do them. Why? Because the risk vs reward is too weak. Why would I want to race the clock against ever increased difficulties and end up with little to no loot?

The rare chances I do waste my time with them, the loot is rarely worth the bother. Even the weekly chests are disappointing.

There are far too many other more rewarding things to work on. Like getting my paragon rep chest mounts.
Fun feature with the exception of Skittish with the overall threat reduction of tanks in BFA Skittish needs to go away.
The dramatic difficulty change from week to week can be a real downer. For example, going from Raging, Volcanic, Tyrannical to Teeming, Explosive, Fortified (just comes to mind right now for some reason) is a massive swing in difficulty. You go from very little interplay between affixes, to a massive difficulty spike.

I think every affix should have variation based on what it occurs with. For example, fewer explosives or less damage if one goes off on a teeming week. And fortified and teeming, possibly something that lowers the overall fortified percentage because of teeming. Keep it difficult, but don't spike the week because of a crazy combination.

It isn't fun to feel like a week is a throw away because of affixes.
M+ was a great feature of legion and i hope it remains a great feature in bfa. That isn't to say that m+ wasn't flawed.

It was generally well balanced but there were outlier dungeon/affix combos that were unpleasant to deal with. Generally they were things like any dungeon with alot of trash combined with any affix that had a "when this creature dies" clause, or things that turned hard hitting mechanics into near one shots like tyranical grievious damage pulses from say dreadlord in blackrook or the first boss in nelths.

Explosive orbs were annoying by design, and any week that has explosive or bolstering makes me less inclined to do m+ as it ruins my favorite aspect of it which is high risk high reward controlled super pulls. And there were sometimes just bad design descisions like the teeming inquisitor pack in arcway.

A few things i'd like to see in regards to mythic plus:
1. a return to the multiple chest system, getting only 2-3 pieces of loot in a dungeon among a group feels really weak, especially when you force yourself to stick with a struggling group only to be rewarded with 1/10th of your repair bill and artifact power that you could have gotten in less time doing world quests. This is not to say that the loot in m+ is all that big of a draw after raids come out because mythic capped loot is always below heroic level gear which is odd because m+15s feel more tuned in the area between mythic and heroic. The problem that necessitated removing the 3 chest system should be handled with a nerf to titanforging. So tldr point 1: return the 3 chest system, increase base ilvl of m+ cap gear to current raid-heroic, cap titanforges to at or below mythic.

2. Less affixes that punish large pulls arbitrarily. This is partly due to my personal tastes, but I feel like some dungeons are unfairly punishing on any week where you have multiple packs of 6+ monsters. Also it feels really bad to have fun for a week then get hit by 2 or 3 weeks in a row of slow trash weeks. Examples of dungeons most punished by said affixes would be arcway, lower kara, and seat.

3. high risk, high reward affixes, many affixes in legion were bulit to change how the player interacts with the dungeon and sometimes those affixes would not mesh well with the mechanics of a dungeon; for instance even though volcanic is generally viewed as the easiest affix the snare spiders in arcway can turn it into a random and unfair mechanic. I'd like to see more affixes that are more tactical in mind like a debuff that appears every 20 seconds on a random player and ticks for X% health while granting x% haste, it would be up to the party whether to keep that dot ticking for a while or dispel it at will.

4. A replacement for the Tyranical/Fortified tier. After a certain point these affixes become redundant and just make boss fights extra long slogs, I feel that the replacement of this tier would be a good thing. Just as an example since i don't like to leave "just fix this" feedback they could be replaced with teeming and a new affix that adds relevant wq world bosses into the dungeon as a minibosses that grants significant levels of enemy forces but are scaled up wq bosses.
Hey Ythisens I push relatively high keys this is where I am coming from when I am dropping off my feedback https://raider.io/characters/us/turalyon/Shinitai.

Onto the feedback one of the largest draw backs in Mythic plus is class balance as well as the balance of Tyrannical and Fortified. As you climb higher in keys the value of immunity or tankiness in a class becomes higher and higher. This is extremely the case in tyrannical weeks. Compensation is found in tank trinkets as well as legendaries and the requirement of 20% avoidance in the highest of keys. This creates very little diversity towards the upper bracket of Mythic plus. You also find people who have bad luck in gearing lacking 20% avoidance making some bosses impossible. An example of this is Hatecoil's focused lightning along with other bosses. 3rd Boss of BRH smash comes into mind.

As for class balance Wind Walker is king of all melee. I fear this will translate into BFA as well as they have the option to spec into ring of peace (Extremely useful and show cased in mdi as some teams stacked windwalkers in Cath of Eternal Night Stun into RoP nock back on imps for that trash %). They also excel on skittish weeks as storm earth and fire generate pets which each have their own aggro pool. While in comparison many other melee found themselves without enough defensives to survive many mechanics of bosses or pull similar numbers/contribute in utility on very large pulls. Arms warrior and fury both suffering on skittish weeks and lacking cycable defensives on fights that have unavoidable 1 shot mechanics every 30 seconds unless a defensive is cycled. These classes then have to use tank trinkets to compensate which further decreases damage while others do not.

Continuing on class imbalance melee versus range. In a perfect world the 1 tank 1 melee 2 range 1 healer model seems perfect but what you find on higher keys is triple range comps. Recently a world first for HoV was done with 2x moonkins and 1 aff lock. I doubt this could of been accomplished with a shadow priest or elemental shaman as horn of valor one shots many people through prydaz unless using a defensive. It really sucks when I talk to guild mates about doing keys and their is a negative stigma towards them because they wish they could push past 20s but their classes severely gimp them. I would love to see feral druids instead of boomkins in some keys or any death knight that isn't tanking. Sadly these classes do not bring anything worth wild.

As for tyrannical versus fortified 40% increased boss health is too much and too many mechanics start 1 shotting on tyrannical which pigeon hole teams to bring certain classes. Mythic plus overall is amazing and I enjoy pushing keys so much I stick with my Havoc demon hunter even though I am literally a budget windwalker and outclassed in every way save for my leech mechanics. I personally will continue to push keys on Havoc DH I just hope Blizzard focuses on balancing other classes so they could too.
M+ is pretty exclusionary. If you aren’t already on the high end of things, it sucks to even try.

Perhaps better incentives for lower key runs to help create a more inclusive or tolerant developmental environment would help.
1. The incentive to run anything high except for a weekly reward is low in my opinion. The drop rate either needs a buff the harder the key, or some other system in place that rewards tokens so you can purchase gear at least.

2. Random key drop at the end of completion is a bit annoying. Not entirely sure if it's removal would mean people only running 1/2 dungeons and skipping others. A system could be put in place that buffs a key with increased drop chance, and the more dungeons you run the greater the chance. Downside is it might become a requirement to run all dungeons for a greater chance every week.

3. Earned teleportation via minimum Mythic +5-10 achievement in a dungeon. You would be able to instantly teleport to a dungeon which could encourage even greater participation and be a nice perk to have.

4. Possible cosmetic rewards at certain milestones earned at a vendor, as well as perhaps a pet and mount.
Overall I like the system, though I'm quite tired of "GOGOGO TIMED RUNS" being the default way to challenge players these days across a number of games.

I find that most of the challenge from the runs comes from just acquiring the gear to clear your desired level. Dungeons are not hard, they aren't complicated, and especially in Legion class design is so shallow that it doesn't feel rewarding when you make a big play. High level keystones is mostly outgearing the unavoidable damage that will otherwise literally one-shot you. The rest of it is dealing with disproportionately overtuned mobs in an environment full of very basic and otherwise forgiving mechanics.

Furthermore, the default UI offers next to nothing in terms of progress tracking. While I'm all for the idea of progressively improving the efficiency of your runs by learning what to and what not to pull, the guessing game (or modding game) of how valuable any particular trash pack is, is straight up not fun. I'd rather the decision of what to pull be based on the composition's comfort levels of any given pack, rather than zerging down whatever gives the most blue bar regardless of everything else; especially when there are big bads that offer almost nothing. It's so ridiculously inconsistent that I don't even bother tanking M+ because I don't feel like memorizing which wall of a hallway to hug in a linear dungeon.

Personally, I'd rather see the blue-bar removed completely, way more trash packs thrown into every dungeon, with many but not all able to be skipped (and some failsaves for stealth/invis cheesing). Picking, choosing, and taking advantage of spells that should really be brought back (Mind Soothe...?) to tailor runs to your composition is way more fun than arbitrary filling yet another blue bar.

I'd like to see more actual challenge in M+ content. 3 Affixes doesn't feel like enough given how simple they are (they're absolutely impactful, but they are still very mechanically simple). A 4th affix at higher levels would be good, and I would also like to see dungeons actually have interesting mechanics especially at M+ level. I realize there is limited design space in 5-player environments, but outside of Karazhan there's hardly any dungeon fights that are actually engaging.

I am cautiously hopeful that the pruning of those stupid artifacts and the overbloated number of passive-effects that play the video game for us will make M+ (and PvE in general, honestly) more interesting in BfA. As it stands, M+ feels like a boring numbers game with no room for error as opposed to actual mechanical execution challenge that Mythic raid, and even some Heroic raid encounters provide.
Loved M+. Some weeks, the affixes were just not fun, so I was not as interested to run M+. That makes me sad. I'd prefer that each key were different, rather than each week.

I can't remember enjoying skittish, especially as melee. Maybe if threat had a better in-game UI element, it wouldn't be as bad.

Traveling dungeon to dungeon randomly wasn't a lot of fun either. Traveling is fine, but upgrading a key bounces you all over the place. Some agency over the keys would be nice.

Lowering a key, or manipulating the key to get a different dungeon, that whole area has room for improvement. Maybe: "You can do Eye from +1 to +12 on this key"

Edit: Maybe the number of M+ dungeons you do the previous week gives you a limited number of party-teleports to the destination of your current M+ key. (A teleport to instance) Like the key, they are lost at the end of the week and recalculated.
My initial rant aside, a couple pain points:

- If I miss a week of M+, I have 0 desire to blitz through an indescribably easy dungeon JUST to do the content I want to do that's exponentially more difficult. Just give me a keystone. (Yes, I know that I can LFG a M+ and get one that way, not the point).

- Not everyone getting loot is absolutely a problem. A pathetic amount of AP does not make the time worthwhile when you're already getting significantly less gold and drops from running the content outside of M+. Satchels are a must.

- Travel time is annoying. Back in the day, you didn't run 10 dungeons in a night. Traveling to a dungeon was a part of the immersive experience. Now, dungeons are breezed through within minutes, across the span of the continent. Challenge Mode style portals should be rewarded to people who complete a dungeon at a certain difficulty, OR you should be able to use your keystone from your bags to teleport your group to the next dungeon if you are inside a cleared M+ to speed things up.

- There is basically 0 information about the system in-game. What's the base iLevel for any particular difficulty? What is the highest difficulty that awards better loot? Although common knowledge now, it's one of those things that just requires innate knowledge from other sources and for a system like this in a game with a fully functional Dungeon Journal? No excuse for this to be ambiguous.

What's the affixes this week? You won't know unless you check a keystone. How do you downgrade a keystone? Through some obscure, roundabout method. How much progress does this trash mob have? Download a mod. How long do we have left to +3 the keystone? Download a mod.

Hell, "did I do a Keystone on this character last week?" is even something I ask myself all the time.

Please, just tell me straight up what the affixes are, if I've done a Keystone this week, if I have a chest to loot from last week, what my lifetime best keystone was, what iLevel each keystone gives, and what my keystone is all in one fancy window. I should not need to check the color of a chest at an out-of-the-way location, my bags, group finder, and WoWhead, just for basic, crucial information about the exact same core feature of the game.

Seriously, if you don't do anything else to M+, give it a proper UI.
M+ was easily the feature that kept me playing Legion. It was challenging, encourages small groups and maximizing what you can bring as a player.

  • Affixes were for the most part fun, although some of the later introduced ones really discouraged pugging and non-voice chat play. Bursting and to a lesser extent Fel Explosives. The slow pull weeks, with Bursting and Bolstering for affixes tended to be a bit draining, and the quicker ones with Sanguine felt a lot smoother.
  • I feel that the one thing missing from affixes is positive buffs. I would love to see a tier of the affixes be entirely positive, like
    • Bonus damage to isolated enemies.
    • Buffs when near a specific ally.(think thaddius)
    • Location based buffs.(think arcway haste bubbles)
    • Global or enemy only void zones.
    • Healer provides debuff on attacks to mobs.
    If one tier of affixes, say the level 4 affixes were positive buffs, or just provided positive aspects, then there wouldn't really be a problem with all bad affix weeks feeling terrible, and being too hard in comparison.
  • More variety in affixes would be fantastic, as the current combos feel very samey as they come up over and over.
  • I would love to see is ability to change specs and talents within the dungeon, feels pretty arbitrary that this is not allowed. Would be a boon to player who do multiple specs, and in some cases when pushing the cutting edge of content, being able to two-tank or two-heal something.
  • Punishment of losing an item for not completing in time is pretty rough, really discourages trying to achieve the best run you can do in a week. If you removed this and just made the punishment the key staying flat, it would probably encourage a lot more people to push keys as best they can.
Please for the love of all that's good in the world, going forward, make your dungeons with mythic plus in mind.

All through legion it felt like affixes were thought up AFTER the dungeon was made. This meant that some affixes were completely negligible in one instance, and just not fun in another.

It also felt that some affixes were made up up on the fly and not with great thought into how interesting they are to deal with. Making a dungeon harder is easy, and its pretty clear that you didn't make a lot of effort with some of the more annoying affixes.

To give examples of what I mean:

Explosive: Tab targeting to kill green orbs isn't exciting game play, add teeming on top of this already boring affix and it just becomes a bigger pain in the butt.

Teeming: While not always terrible, Halls of Valor comes to mind when I think of teeming. The mobs have an unavoidable spell that stuns you and any party members that are too close, a spell that's not an issue until it's cast on your whole party because suddenly there are extra stun mobs. Then of course you have Upper Kara, a dungeon with almost no trash in it, so this affix is partially negated. I understand that affixes wont have 100% the same impact for every instance, but this one is fairly feast or famine.

Fortified and Tyrannical: Again, all these did was make some instances more of a slog than others. It adds nothing to the game play beyond a gear check and feels very lazy.

Quaking: Another affix that just feels annoying. Its sole addition to game play is to make it bothersome to play a caster, so it rewards parties who don't take one beyond a healer, which I feel shouldn't be encouraged.

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