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Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
<Gehenna> is back on BT and hoping to capture the same magic we've had in the past in BfA. We've got a lot of old raiders from previous expansions back for BfA and looking to add more for future progression. Please be over 18 as we don't take kids(all of us are adults and over 20). We have a very laid back atmosphere and try to keep it active with guild mythic + runs and hope to start up other guild activities in the future as the roster continues to grow.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 5-8 PST

Current Progression:

Uldir: 7/8N -- 5/8H

Current Needs:

Death Knight: Closed
Demon Hunter: Open(Vengeance)
Druid: Open(Balance, Restoration)
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Open
Monk: Open(Mistweaver, Brewmaster)
Paladin: Open(Protection)
Priest: Open(Shadow)
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: Open (Elemental)
Warlock: Open
Warrior: Closed

Any SKILLED player welcome to apply. Primarily looking for a couple more healers and high dps.

Hit us up at:

Welcome back
I promised this server before I left I would be fair to everyone, here is the BT/SS server discord link. Whoever will be GM will just need to ding me and i will grant them their ranks and permissions. It has a pretty good number of people in there as well as news for the server. https://discord.gg/A5hcqVk
We're getting a lot of our old raiders back(more than we expected) so look to be progressing back into mythics come BfA.
So much fun is about to go down.
we're still looking
still looking for strong dps who wanna progress
What about !@#$ty players who just run mythics and mythic+ content?

I've been in some guilds on Shadowsong, and I'm finding that the NEWER or RETURNING guilds are a better fit for me. When you get into some of these already established groups, no matter how hard I try I never feel like I fit in.
We have members that we've played with for years. But if you do the work and gain the respect of the group there is no problem fitting you in. Miss raids, die a lot, cause wipes, loud/obnoxious on dis... My dudes are solid and they give everyone their fair shot at joining our "cliché"
Wots dis?
in need of skilled ranged dps
Still looking
And looking
Needing ranged dps of any class!
Looking for a few more to fill out a roster for mythic Uldir. We're looking for skilled players regardless of gear level. We can take some time to help gear you up if you're the right fit.

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