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Just need some tips
Save movement abilities if you are getting close to clone phase, you can survive walking over.

*puts 2 cents in tip jar*
Probably better of checking in DH forum, and the video guides on YouTube, it’s thoroughly documented at this point.

Asking for generic tips is kind of broad too. I guess you’re struggling with something in particular, there’s a few mechanics that need to be handled well.
Interrupting Xylem in phase 1 will bring him closer to the center. This makes it a lot easier to track him down during the mirror phase as he will be closer.

When he does the razer ice thing, you can double-jump dash out of it.

In the last phase the void monster will attack you. Kite him around the far edge of the platform. Do not interrupt any of his abilities.

When he does the purple laser beam thing on you, run to the opposite end to let the void bubble guys spawn. Go ham. They can be stunned.

The mirror phase should be the hardest part. That's why I think using interrupts to bring him towards the center helps a great deal.
When he uses the ability that summons ice around you, chaos nova after the stun breaks and double jump out, also you NEED to use the unleashed power talent for phase 1, makes chaos nova better. The idea behind using nova is when it hits all the ice a ton of soul shards will spawn, so many that will heal you to full and reset the cooldown of eye beam every time. For the mirror image phase xylem appears on the mini map as a yellow dot so he'll be easy to find, just run over him to end that phase and continue fighting him. When you kill a mirror image the bubble will heal you if you stand inside it, so just take your time making your way to him by killing the images one by one
The main trick for Havoc Demon Hunter on Xylem is to use Chaos Nova for self-sustain on the ice shards.

Movement is a strength for DH, but self-healing really isn't, so that is the area where you need to focus.

The trick is to hit Chaos Nova on all of the ice shards before you jump out. Doing that will generate a ton of soul fragments, due to artifact traits, meaning that you will heal to full when you double jump out, by absorbing all of those fragments. You also get cooldown reduction on eye beam and chaos nova itself by doing that.

So the technique is the following:

1) Ice shards spawn ===> hit Chaos Nova as soon as you can.
2) Double jump out, you will be healed.
3) Fel rush over to Xylem, and hit Eye Beam. This grants you 8 seconds of metamorphosis, with additional healing from the Soul Rending/Demonic talent combination.
4) When ice shards spawn, repeat.

This will keep you at full health.

The Arcane phase is easy for Havoc, because you have so much mobility.

The final phase should be ok also, as you can stun the adds. I would take Unleashed Power over Master of the Glaive, to facilitate the use of Chaos nova in the ice shards.

If you end up feeling that you really need master of the glaive to slow the adds in the last phase, you can change talents in the intermission. But you probably won't, because the Chaos nova stun should be enough.

You can figure out what works for you in that area, but the key thing is really using Chaos nova for healing on the ice shards.
Google Havok challenge guide. Wowhead in depth guide should pop up. Do whatever it tells you.
Just the tips?
the tip won't be enough, you need the whole thing to beat him.
The wowhead guides are good. If you've never done the Xylem challenge, you may want to read the whole thing.

If you've done it on another spec, then you could just look at the talent selections, and spec-specific hints.

Some of the guide is mostly a description of the encounter itself in each case.
Go to the middle when he is swapping to dark phase.

I didn't do this on my DH. Took me over 40 tries. I was told to do this... took me about 4 tries after I fixed that issue. Yeah... that's what I was stuck on hahaha.
Yeah, you don't want to be stuck on the opposite edge from where he teleports.

A DH can usually just rush over if you start in the middle (looking at the dot on the mini-map).
Do enough dps to have only one arcane phase

Divide your cool-downs evenly for the shadow boss adds. It should happen two atmost three times
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the tip won't be enough, you need the whole thing to beat him.

Great minds think alike!
Get that dbm thing so you can get a warning when the arcane phase is about to hit

Then imprison him, run to the center, then it’s easy to Fel Rush straight to him

I had a lot of trouble with the whole encounter this but that was by far the biggest help
Best tip I can give you, that others haven't mentioned. Use the baracers legendary so your throw glaive has increased damage and the helm for lowering your meta. Spec into bleed + slow + double throw glaive

In the last phase when he spawns the three adds on you, run away to the other end of platform, stun adds, glave throw > eyebeam > glaive throw > other aoe abilities > adds should die super quick this way.

Adds from the void guy can be the most frustrating part of the encounter.
I beat him earlier today on my DH after 5 attempts.

For talents, go with 2/3/2/3/2/2/3. Felblade give you extra mobility for the Mirror Image phase and gives extra Fury for burning him faster. Demonic Appetite gives you some much-needed healing and doubles as more Fury Generation. Fel Eruption lets you stun him as an extra interrupt. Unleashed Power lets you quickly escape the Ice Prison and makes killing the adds a breeze in the final phase. Demonic is just crazy powerful, it gives you a ton of damage and healing.

During Phase 1 pop every CD including Meta and just nuke him as hard as you can. Interrupt on cooldown for the Fury generation. When he casts the Ice Prison, Chaos Nova it and use your Double Jump. DO NOT MOVE UNTIL YOU HAVE JUMPED A SECOND TIME, YOU WILL DIE. Eye Beam on cooldown for Demonic Procs and just keep hammering away at him.

During the Mirror Image phase, you have 40 seconds to reach him before he instakills you. Take your time. Each of the shield bubbles will rapidly heal you and increase your cooldown regeneration. Just Fel Rush from bubble to bubble and keep an eye on the cast bars of the Mirror Images in the bubble you're dashing to. Dont dash when they're about to finish, or you'll be knocked away and die.

When you reach him during the Mirror Image phase, interrupt nothing except his channeled ability where he casts a beam at the center of the platform. Interrupt it immediately or he gains a permanent stacking damage buff. Dodge the shadow orbs and just keep using Eye Beam on cooldown.

During Phase 3 you need to pull the Shadow Demon to the edge of the platform and slowly start backing up, leading him around the edge. DO NOT interrupt his cast that he puts on you, just run about 40 yards away and wait for it to finish, then Chaos Nova the adds that spawn and kill them. Metamorphasis should be back up by now, use it at the start of this phase and nuke him as hard as you can.

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