[pvptalent] macro conditional in BFA?

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I make good use of the [pvptalent:X/X] macro conditional on live and realized that this can't really work given the new pool-pick system.

Anyone know if anything equivalent has been planned or implemented?
Or maybe we can brainstorm an efficient syntax for it here?

[pvptalent:<spell>] is a bit out of line with other existing conditional syntax. The way the pool list is organized makes an index system seem unwieldy...
I use to love this for my stings to change out on their own depending on what I took
I think the best way to handle this would be something like /cast pvptalent1-3

As you say, an index won't really work here anymore.
I posted about this recently as well, asking for /cast pvptalent1 etc.


+1 We really need this for macro and UI simplicity.
Bump this
Ive been searching for something like this, and finally found a solution that works...although it doesn't update the icon/tooltip until you press the bind, this is a huge step forward

Excuse the example, just have a bind to swap out Clones/Thorns/Overgrowth...but you will get the idea

/cast Cyclone(PvP Talent)
/cast Thorns(PvP Talent)
/cast Overgrowth(PvP Talent)
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell(GetRunningMacro(),G"Cyclone"or G"Thorns" or G"Overgrowth")

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