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I left WoW a LOONG time ago (just after TBC) and have recently come back. I decided with the changes that have taken place, rolling a new character was in order.

I'm an Orc lock looking for a guild that is fairly casual but also interested in dungeons and raiding. I may dabble in pvp if that's something the guild does as well.

I'm getting the hang of things again slowly but wouldn't mind joining up with a group of folks that know more than me! And then obviously, help anyone else new that comes in once i'm back up to speed.

I also have a priest and a rogue that I've worked on a little. But the Warlock has had most of my attention.

Please contact me here or in game if you're interested.
We have a couple of people that have recently returned to WoW and are leveling up, we are trying to build up people and if they are interested they will raid with us in the future.

About Guild:
Wage Theft is a brand-new guild looking to establish its roster for BFA. The guild is mostly made up of real life professionals that enjoy playing this game. Our current roster includes players with multiple cutting edges to fresh 110s. Our aim is to develop a fun environment for our raiders while still being able to clear end tier content in BFA. We are located on Arthas Horde and are looking for people to make this guild their home. We are also looking to build up some newer players and teach them the game to be up to par with the raiding level we are aiming for.

Build up a high performing raiding group that will achieve Cutting Edge

Guild Culture:
Light hearted meme friendly culture, however, once the pull timer begins it’s serious business

- Dont be toxic
- Have the desire to improve

Everything, play whatever you enjoy!

Raid Schedule:
2 nights, Wednesday and Monday, 8pm to 11pm EST

Contact Info:
Leader: Iudexgaming #1391
Officer: Leggit#11861

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