[H]<Stronger Than Death>5/8H Late Night Raid

Stronger Than Death is a late night Horde raiding guild on Hyjal looking for more raiders for Uldir.

1. Server Information: The server is Hyjal on Horde side. The server time is PST, founding members live in CST.

2. Guild Information: We are a Horde Raiding guild on the server Hyjal. Our goal is to clear Heroic. We are still a small guild so activity on off nights may vary.

3. Raid and times active: The current plans for raids are 1-3 AM CST Wednesday and Thursday. Mostly active at around midnight CST, but some are on through out the day.

4. Who we are Looking for:

Healer: 2-3 (Preferrably a Priest/Monk/Paladin)

DPS: 8-10

Tanks: No immediate needs. Could use a Monk tank though.

Members willing to backup different roles will be greatly appreciated as well.

5.Raid Requirements:

Enchanted/Gemmed gear, consumables(though we try to have feasts and cauldrons)

Discord(at least to listen to call outs)

Min ilvl: 355

6. Contact Information: Pernach is my main, Szythe, Balestarius and Utar are my alts on Hyjal. Officers are Orthaku, Cyrptic, Zeldix, and Lianil. If we're not online, just send an in game mail or post in this forum thread.

My battletag is Freedombacon#1734
Hi there,

Experienced raider here, with a friend who is also looking for a raiding guild.

Fury Warrior is me, Resto Sham is him. We both love the times you posted for raiding and are both avid raiders. We're back to raid until the eexpansion and hoping to be in a guild that raids when it hits.

I am 925 Fury, he is 919 Resto.

Add me up on bnet or in game and we'll talk :)

humble#1550 / Aerynor IGN
Please add me on bnet: Hellgrind#1336

I've been searching for a latenight guild. 951HPriest, 11/11 heroic experience and looking for a home for BfA.
I am also interested if you have a need for a mage on your raid roster. im in need for a late night guild... neverbe2nd#1171
Added a few to the roster. Still need all roles.
Still need all roles.
Hoping to start up some raiding in the next week or so. Wanting to add a some more people.
Have a healer and ranged dps joining us for BFA. Still need some more raiders.
Pretty versatile druid looking for a new home for bfa. Late night is perfect with my schedule. btag is warmind#11488

Updated what we are looking for. Seriously though, we have a lot of Druids.
Hi there. Coming back to Hyjal after a hiatus over at KT and from the game in general. KT Horde is dead, so levelling my toons here. I haven't seriously raided since LK. Your days and times are perfect for me as a PCT player. I love smaller guilds where everyone knows and talks to each other. Being in huge guilds with 100 players online and everyone totally silent is disheartening. Add me travatron#1271 or I'll look you up in game.
Updated raid schedule and needs.

Sorry haven't checked back in a while. Yeah we can talk some time if you are still looking for guild, though most aren't fully active right now as some are waiting for BFA to drop.
Updated for BFA.
Recruited a couple more updated needs.
Updated recruitment
Hey this group seems to be exactly what me and my friend are looking for. We are looking for a late night raid team/guild that expects to clear heroics at a minimum. I play monk and can comfortably play all three specs(Windwalker is my primary, but have no qualms with Mistweaver or Brewmaster if the need arises), my friend mains resto druid, but is willing to DPS if needed. I'll add you btag but your group seems to be a great match for our needs.
btag: Governor#1878
Shadow Priest looking for a new home that this schedule fits well with. I have at least one alt of every class that I'd be willing to level for guild purposes as well. I'd be interested in conversation, see if it's a good fit. Krazen#11987
If you guys are still looking for members I'd be interested. I'm a returning player who used to raid in BC/WoLK/Cata. I still have to run heroics to gear up the rest of the way, and would be willing to try out for a raid spot once I'm geared enough. Anomander#1864
357 enhance.
I like to raid.
It is fun.

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