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How is transmog going to be addressed in BFA when it comes to the artifact appearances you've unlocked?

Specifically, my curiosity is mainly surrounding my druid, whose artifact appearances dictated his animal forms. Am I going to be able to select that totallly awesome hidden appearance from Ursoc for the bear druid? Because I totally want to keep it if at all possible.
Yes, all druid forms will be available in bfa. Nobody knows how exactly they'll work as far as I know.
For Druids, I am not sure how that works.

But from what I can tell the artifacts in regards to transmog are spec bound.

Demonology Warlock? I hope the BiS is a Main Hand Dagger/Off-Hand combo or farewell to that floating head. Got a staff? TOO BAD, you can't use the Deadwind Harvester or the Scepter of Sargeras.

Which, IMO is a stupid idea. Class locking the appearance for Transmog I can understand, but spec locking would just be way too restrictive. And we already have too many restrictions on Transmog as it is. Heck, last year's anniversary we got a awesome pair of shades... that can only be transmogged during the anniversary event. I am still livid about that.
Spec locked.
I think this spec locking is going to bite Blizzard in the butt later down the line.

I mean, take the Paladin holy artifact, it's a two handed hammer. Before legion holy was sword and board. Is holy always going to be a two handed spec moving forward? If not, there goes the use of those spiffy hammer skins you earned.

Class locking makes sense and should stay, but spec locking? I think that's a powder keg waiting to go off in the future.
Ima be sad if it’s spec locked I love my scythe but am planing on playing demon in bfa so I’ll lose my mage tower scythe I worked so hard on :(

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