Server is dying (for horde) rant

I came back to WoW after a long hiatus to find that my server had gone from a decently population of both horde and alliance to being 3/4 alliance and only having about 40k horde players, which basically means nobody. I got on my old alliance character and went to stormwind and there were at least 50+ people standing around the main area near the AH. Flip over to Horde theres maybe 10 or 15 people in the much larger area in Org. Looking for a guild? Alliance has plenty of options that do just about everything, Horde just has some casual guilds but nothing extremely serious about doing mythic content or rated pvp. If they do that content their teams are full so theres no real point in joining besides talking to people. The guild I used to be in did weekly Normal, Heroic, and Mythic content for progression and some for anybody that wanted to join and on the weekend they did premade pvp. When I came back that guild left a final announcement that they had all transferred to a new server. I looked up the other guilds that were hot back then and they too had left altogether. So I cant afford to move my characters to a new realm due to the fact that it would be expensive and I have a couple friends left on that realm that I wouldn't want to convince to leave. All of my raiding comes from pugs and all of my pvp has me stuck in YOLOs pugs, basically its a nightmare and I feel like its ruining my experience that its difficult to find people in my server to do this stuff with.

Check the forums for this server and its dead too....

Blizz please, Cenarius is dying and we are desperately low in player population for the Horde. Is there anything that can be done to fix this like combining a few servers?
10 ali 110 and 5 horde 110 on cenarious i haven't bothered to get a guild on the horde side but play seams to be like it always was in the past.
Its not just Cenarius tbh where you see this massive decrease of player population. Nearly every decently well known server from back in the day had tons of players compared to what we have now. I'm sure, if anything, Classic servers might be able to make a resurgence with a lot of realms' populations.
It's not "dead" per se, people for the most part just don't need guilds anymore. So the social aspect is dead if anything.

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