[A] <MurderLicense>

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Guild Info:
<MurderLicense> was founded by myself on August 19, 2012. With a vision of becoming known throughout the server and across realms for high performance Rated BGs. And to be recognised as a Hardcore PvP Specialised Guild. Over the past 5 years, we have achieved in uniting most of the PvP players on our server: BoreanTundra-Shadowsong. We actively train our members through arena and RBG wargames to prepare them for Rated PvP. As well as nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

We see our guild as a community, as a team and as family. Moving forward and reaching newer limits as one. We are a highly structured guild with guild rules and rank progression; partly as we have to slot players in teams based on their MMR. As guild leader, I am willing to commit personal sacrifices to see my guild mates rise. I take it upon myself to care for the well-being of my guildies (I'm the Mama Bear >:3).

In Season 6, we were ranked Top 3% in RBGs. Achieving Guardian of the Alliance.

Guild Schedule:
RBGs. 4 times a week.
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays. At 7-10pm server time.

Usually after RBG hours and on days where nothing is planned, we organise social events like Foam Sword Fights (using the [Foam Sword Rack]) and transmog runs while listening to music on our guild discord. We also raid casually once a month. But raiding to us is primarily just to have fun.
We strive to keep our guild atmosphere friendly and also knowing when to be serious; such as in Rated PvP.

We are looking for:
Team players. A willingness to improve. PvP players.
Highly self-motivated players; your spec/ class/ mmr/ cr does not matter.=

If you are willing to join us, our Guild Recruitment procedure is an interview in-game which usually takes about 20 minutes and the reading of our 4500 word long Guild Rules on Discord.

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