[A] Onslaught <EK> 11/11M 8-11 EST LFM

Onslaught Team 11/11M Ant
<Eternal Kingdom> US-Proudmoore
Raid Times: T/W/Th 8-11 PM EST

**Regardless of recruitment needs we will always consider exceptional players.

Onslaught is one of several mythic teams in the guild Eternal Kingdom. The guild offers a wide variety of raiding opportunities within a large, active, diverse community. We have a great guild culture based on mutual respect and enjoyment of the game.

Eternal Kingdom
Eternal Kingdom offers Mythic teams, ranging in progression, and several heroic only teams. This means that even if Onslaught is not a good fit, there is a good chance another group may be.
EK is an inclusive guild that operates as a professional raiding organization. There is never a lack of activities to join, or quality players to engage with.

If Interested, Please contact
Nyesia Btag: JDigital#1221 Discord Nyesia#2641
Congrats on CE Onslaught! Want to be part of this amazing team? Apply before BfA to make sure you get a spot!
Onslaught is on top of the pile as they went 11/11. If you want to be part of something special apply today!
My GF and I are really interested! I'll check out the website and add the Btags.
Like most EK teams, Onslaught is looking to flesh out their roster in advance of BfA! Don't dilly dally, this is an excellent team and spots WILL fill fast.
Onslaught a cutting edge team is looking to recruit as they gear up for BFA. Apply today and get ready to raid at the highest level.
Onslaught is looking to add raiders for their squad going into BFA. Apply today!
Onslaught is a great team that got cutting edge this tier, and is looking to fill out the roster for BfA!
Ill post an app as soon as i am able.
Onslaught is looking for mythic raiders to push cutting edge in BFA!
I play a 955 R Druid/Boomkin 5/11M XP and 2100XP Arena player my btag is superxnova#1198 I never learned how to parse purple but I know fights, got a mic, discord, always have mats, have been playing since BC, don't die, stay out of stuff I pull my weight and not stupid superxnova#1198.
Have a 967 Disc, 972 Resto shaman and a 960 Aff lock interested
Recent transfer DK looking for a home. Can tank or dps. Also love M+
Onslaught needs high quality raiders! Don't miss out on Cutting edge in BfA!
Onslaught needs skilled raiders to keep on their path to excellence!
Onslaught, one of our CE teams, is looking for like minded players for BfA!
O team is looking to Go cutting Edge again in BFA. Apply now if that is your goal as well!
O team is going to push to new heights in BFA! sign up today!
Are you guys still looking for dps or tank warriors?
Onslaught has a few slots opened for Uldr fun and laughters! Check them out today before you miss out!

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