Cairne and Perenolde
TLDR : Trash player calling other player trash in noob random bgs.


First, if you think Disc Priests are trash in BGs, you clearly have no class knowledge and should just !@#$. You mentionned my dps *rolleyes* you're clueless beyond despair.

Second, you said I healed none, you whined during the whole BG about having no heals (as a warlock... really gtfo), while never being anywhere near me when I was tanking 4 of them, constantly cced.

FYI I healed AS MUCH as their free casting druid in this BG, being 2nd in this irrelevent "healing done", way above their monk and other resto druid, despite having 0 peel, team mates constantly LoSing me or running away. I am actually a fairly decent Disc, especially in Alliance random BGs. These stats are just pure heals and don't even take into account all the other impact I had on this BG.

I ignored your constant whining in this BG with a smile on my face, because you were clearly not worth it and I know my worth. But after that bg you started whispering me, calling me trash, saying absurd %^-* about Disc spec and I was unable to respond for some reason.

You call me a POS, a moron, a retard and ask me to grow up saying I logged off after posting you. YOU put me on ignore right after my first message, when I tried to ask you how could my heal be bad when I was exaequo with the ennemy druid, a solo healer keeping the whole team alive (except you idiot miles away from the team) while tanking 4 of them.

Why would I stay online on a level 1 toon if you have me on ignore?
Then YOU logged on your level 1 alt to insult me, to harrass me while putting me on ignore so I couldn't respond. Trolling me or not, you are reported. And you need serious help you psycho.

You are probably mad because you kept dying like a pos in this BG AS A WARLOCK. Blaming other, especially the healer, will not make you any better. If you need a pocket healer constantly by your side to do anything good in a random BG full of noobs, excuse me, but you have no right to call anyone else "trash", because you're even worst than that.

Also, you should stop whining and blaming others in BGs, everyone knows players like you are the worst. You never get good, not even slightly, with this mindset. Stop blaming other when you're having a bad game, look at your own mistakes and improve yourself. No, just stop talking in a random BG, do your best and peel your healer.

I hate public drama, but this, is also to back up my report. I play to have fun no matter if we loose or win. I can't let any psycho harrass me ingame for a stupid random BG. Ignoring isn't enough, people like him deserves punishment.
Loose - Not rigidly attached or fastened. Not tight Fitting. etc

Lose - To bring destruction, to suffer loss.

It's hard for me to take you seriously if you don't use the correct word.

Also, who cares if the person calls people a noob/sucky? If you're playing to have fun, block him and move on..don't worry about what anyone says.

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