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Is it pretty much a case of choosing whatever boosts your main two stats? As a BM, mine are Critical Strike and Haste. However, I'm running into the problem where a lot of the gear I'm running into adds a bunch of other stats but is always less critical strike. How do you make the decision when to the take the hit on the main stat because the other boost is way too good? For instance, I'm wearing level 35 boots and I'm currently level 47, because everything I've come across has given me less critical strike.
Your primary stat is Agility. Crit and Haste are only secondary stats. As long as Agility is going up it's an improvement.

When you reach max level, then there may be rare occurrences where certain secondary stat combinations overcome a tiny reduction in main stat, but it's not worth worrying about that possibility while leveling.
Wow. Okay. I must really be screwing my DPS over then.
06/03/2018 10:41 AMPosted by Andentrian
Wow. Okay. I must really be screwing my DPS over then.

I don't think so. Your armor actually looks in pretty good shape — all the slots are filled in with fairly high level stuff and appropriate stats.
Other than your primary stat, don't worry too much about the secondary stats while leveling.

You're going to get some crazy stats on things while leveling, but the gear gets replaced so fast it doesn't matter. Once you hit your level cap is when it's time to start really paying attention to your secondary stats.

As Rafaella said, your gear looks pretty good. Just keep doing what you're doing.
Take a look at

It's oriented towards a max level hunter but some of the info might be useful now. In general with any class, lots of skills won't click until you're max level.

If you really want to know if 1 item is better than another while leveling, get the Pawn addon. It's a simple rating system the calculates a number based on the gear's stats that makes comparisons easier. It's far from perfect but good enough for leveling.

When you get to max level it won't be good enough anymore and then you'll need to "sim yourself".
SimulationCraft, and can do that, but do not do it until you're max level and actually need to optimize to progress (that's a long way off for you).

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