[H]Heroic Guild Recruiting For BFA

Guild Recruitment
Coming back to the game? Ready to start raiding? Looking for a dedicated raid team without the hardcore requirements of mythic? Looking to find a team environment where friendships can be made?

If this sounds like your gameplay style, we want to talk to you.

<Just Wiped> provides a community atmosphere where members can enjoy gaming content together. Through dedicated, organized Heroic Raiding, members work together to meet goals and defeat bosses. AOTC is achieved with each Tier through team effort. Our raid team culture is supportive and motivating with no tolerance for elitism. Raiding with us is Fun and Progressive!

We are in the active process of filling our ranks for BFA and would love to fill a few vacancies. Please feel free to contact Arlida at Btag: Rehna#1428 for more information.
Try outs are every Tuesday, 7 Central with Fresh Heroic Runs at this time.

The following roles are open:
Feral or Balance Druid
Fire, Frost, or Arcane Mage
MM, BM, or Survival Hunter
WW Monk
Ret Paladin
Sub, Outlaw, Assassination Rogue
Ele or Enh Shaman
Arms or Fury Warrior

**All roles are considered as we firmly believe in bringing the player and not just the class**

Just Wiped Vitals
Horde – Blackhand/Galakrond – US Server - Central Time Zone

Established 10/2011 and providing raid content weekly for over 6 years!

Heroic Raid 7-10 Central on Tues/Thurs = Heroic Progression

Casual Raid 7-10 Central on Saturdays = Normal Fun Runs

Community Fun
Calendar events vary weekly and include a variety of events for all types of members. Events can include:
  • Mythic Plus
  • Legacy Content
  • Competitions
  • PvP
  • Parties
  • Real-life Retreats
  • Pets Pets Pets and so much more
  • Creativity and the drive to have fun with friends keeps our guild active even through expansion lulls!
    Cauldrons, Feasts, Gems, and Enchants are freely provided to our members as well.
    We have a dedicated website to keep members informed and up to date! Justwiped.com
    We use Warcraft Logs! Check us out here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/guild/9917/latest

    If this sounds like your type of community, we would love to talk with you.
    Reach out to our Recruitment Officers:
      Sonasti @ Btag: Jotate#1266

      Dracoy @ Btag: Volde#1748

    Thank you for your interest! We look forward to welcoming you to our community!
    Arlida, GM <Just Wiped>
    Btag: Rehna#1428
    Big Welcome to Jericho for joining the raid team! Great to have you! Fun Night!

    We are still recruiting! Check us out!

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