Pls No Spec locking Artifact skins in BFA.

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Please no Spec Locking Artifact Appearances in BFA

Copied from my post on reddit.

Its possible come BFA Blizzard may spec lock artifact appearances. What this means is, if you unlocked an appearance on one spec, say the Frost mage "Everburning Crystal" you wouldn't be able to transmog a staff on your arcane or fire mage to use that appearance. So if you're fire mage uses a staff in BFA, you are out of luck when it comes to using an artifact skin transmog.

Allowing us to use any skin based on our class just adds more to the customization. And would make unlocking additional appearances up to BFA release more enticing. Please upvote the hell out of this post, share and tweet it out to blizzard and anyone you know whom may support it. Made a similar post on reddit if you would like to show your support there.
I really want owlkitty form on my balance druid.

And treekitty as resto.

Plz blizz!

PS: Blizz doesn't like petitions you better remove it before this thread gets 404'd.

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