[H]<Morally Grey>|2 night raiding|LF healer

Morally Grey are looking for healers and DPS.

This is our first expansion as a group, as the guild was formed late in Legion. Our leadership team however have a lot of experience regarding raiding.

Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm till 10:30pm, going by Server Time. The server is in the AEDT timezone. This will change back to 7pm till 10pm once Daylight Savings ends.

We do provide Guild Repairs and limited buff food for those who join, and potentially flasks/pots when prices come down a little.

Non raiders or social members are also very welcome to join us.

If you're looking for a raiding guild, and are a healer or DPS, add me on BTag or Discord and we'll have a chat.

BTag: Emoir#6166
Discord: Emoir#8663
We still looking for folks to come and join us. Please be aware though, we are unlikely to do guild runs of Legion raids between now and BFA.
We are still recruiting DPS and Healers for our Heroic raid team in BFA.

Also recruiting casual and social members.
We are still recruiting Healers and DPS for BFA heroic raiding.

Social/Casual members also very welcome.

Add my Battle Tag for more info: Emoir#6166
It's been a while since I updated this, but we're still recruiting raiders and non raiders.

Hit me up if you're interested.
Haven't updated the post in a while, but we are still recruiting for BFA.

Right now, for raiding, we are after a few healers and some ranged DPS.

For Healers, we would prefer a Druid with Resto Off Spec and a Shaman with a Resto Off Spec. A Healer main Pally wouldn't be turned away either.

Any other players are welcome to join however. Just add me and we can have a chat.
We are currently looking for another healer to join our group.

Any healer is fine, except a Resto Druid.

Like always, anyone is welcome to join the guild, raider or not, however for the raid team, that is what we are looking for right now.
How do I apply.
I should give some details.

I'm main holy species pally.
350 item level. Have completed 8/8 Normal Uldir and downed the first 2 bosses on heroic day one.

Have been away from wow for awhile and only just come back on launch of BFA. So far.. loving it!

I play quiet a lot but with work and angry computer hating gf its tricky to get particular times set and thus have been guileless the majority of the time. Only just joined the current guild for the guild perks but they're mostly a social guild and dont raid ect..

Anyway.. hit me up if your interested.
Hey Unblameable, if you add me on Battle.Net, we can have a chat through that. Add me and we'll get it sorted. My battle tag is Emoir#6166
Any room for an Arms Warriors
I'm away for a little while here, but my officer, Bear, is taking over raid recruitment.

His Battle Tag is: bear#12983

Please direct any questions or invite requests to him.
I'm back on board. If you're looking for a raiding guild, and are a healer or DPS, add me on BTag or Discord and we'll have a chat.

BTag: Emoir#6166
Discord: Emoir#8663

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