11/11M DPS DK LF Late Night/PST Guild

Guild Recruitment
Hey there, I am unfortunately unable to make my current guild's times anymore and leading into BfA.

I'm looking for a guild that meets the following qualities:

-Preferably a PST Horde server (Hyjal/KJ/Tich) but any guild that begins raid close to or around 7PM, alliance is okay also.
-M+ active, I have two meta classes for pushing keys.
-11/11M preferably around the time I killed Argus (US 210 range), obviously higher progressed would be awesome but I'd like to be realistic.
-Raids 9 or less hours per week.

What you'll get out of me:

-Player who constantly researches the meta of the class they play during progress.
-Open to constructive criticism all the time, I am far from perfect but I can learn
-90+ attendance
-Can swing tank at any time if guild needs
-Decent logs (will have upon request)

coldvirus#1904, looking forward to seeing your requests!
aint nobody want melee
ayy yo

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