[A] Grey Parses recruiting some new members!

Guild Recruitment
Hello my fellow wow nerds! Are you looking for a home before BFA hits? I am Vall from Grey Parses on Aerie Peak. We are a smaller digi family with various backgrounds. From hardcore to casual, the experiences are here. Our fam has been around since the beginning of Warlords and with a little duct tape, some gorilla glue and a wire hanger we have been sticking together.

So what should you expect from us:
As little drama as possible -- In our guild, we strive to avoid drama, but if there is a situation that comes up, please don't hesitate to speak with an officer about it

A close community -- Some of our members come on to raid, some just to hang out. But we do a lot of things together, from watching movies, to playing other games, doing mythic pluses, or leveling together. You don't have to get along with everyone but I have no doubt that you will find your place.
Not too hardcore but not too casual. We raid two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) from 5pm to 8pm PST. If you have real life commitments a few raid days, doesn't mean you are gonna be benched for life. We like to have fun! We joke, we carry on, but when it comes to getting bosses down its business time. We also have a super casual team that raids on just Saturday. So if you want to gear up alts, or just go hang out with the weekend folks you are totally welcome!!

Supplies for raiding -- The guild bank is always full. We have flasks, potions, food, enchants, and gems available during raid days. And with the farmers we have in the guild there will always be supplies available.

What we expect from you:

Have a good working knowledge of what class you play -- This goes from stat priorities to the proper way to use your cool downs etc. Not saying we can't help or that you can't ask for some advice, but you need a solid foundation.
Be vocal about availability -- If you are gonna miss a raid, or be late, we would just like to be informed. We understand real life happens, and emergencies do occur, we just want to be aware if you won't be available for raiding on raid days.

Be prepared -- Potions and such will be available in the guild bank before raid, so grab them before hand. Make sure you have your re-rolls, are repaired, enchanted and ready to go prior to getting to the first boss. It makes things easier for everyone and gives us more time to cut sick and have fun.

Feel Free to contact me or my raid leader if you are interested!!
Kylla#1971 (BTAG) or vallkylla#9046 (discord) or
Obliviant#1200(BTAG) or Obliviant#8988(discord)
Beep Beep its Sunday!!!

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