When did you most enjoy how your class plays?

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Wrath for my arms warrior and mm hunter. Armor penetration was so much fun to stack on my gear and just wreck.
I've been at these MMOs for a couple decades, and with all of them, the first character I make is always a "sneaky" type.

Not all of the MMOs I've played have had a rogue like WoW has though. Movement has always felt fluid with this game engine and it's made sneaking around smooth and effortless.

Add in the Shadowstep they added in by BC and presto -- I was hooked.

Legion may not be everyone's favourite expansion, but the rogue's Hall of Shadows is fantastic.

Yes, Blizzard has taken away some of the nuances that Rogues started with, but they remain one of the better class experiences this game has to offer.

Alts come and go, but Rogue will always be my main.
BC for my shaman. Wrath for DK (I miss 2h frost tanking, and 2h frost in general). BC for mage, and Wrath again for druid.

I don't remember Cataclysm making significant changes to druid, though, so Cata was probably just as good. edit: Oh, no, scratch that. Cata was the one that introduced picking your spec and having that lock you into things, wasn't it? Not a fan of that, I'd rather have the points to spend and the spells to cast at my discretion.

Not a big fan of the modern talent system in general, so IMO, none of my classes is ever going to have its 'best' time in MoP or later. (Hi, Ythisens! I'm making your least favorite complaint! The talent trees were better. Deal with it.)
If I do druid:-

Moonkin: Legion
Resto: WOLK
Feral: WOLK
Guardian: Never, I find it one of the clunkiest most unfun specs in the game
MoP by far for resto shaman.
For me, it was when I was a Night Elf warrior tank, in WotLK. I absolutely LOVED the tool kit at our disposal. I would logon, looking forward to tanking for pugs, and for friends as well.

However, when Cata came out, I absolutely hated the way it was changed, and never went back to tanking since.
My personal favorite specs were destro in MoP and surv in WoD. Shadow was fun in pvp during Wrath, but I didn't really pve on it. Those mini aoe chaos bolts in destro were just so much awesome, and exotic ammunitions for surv was amazing.
For this toon it was WoD Glad spec.. most fun I have had as a Warrior.
MoP but Wotlk is a close second. Ironically, also my fav two xpacs…

Let me also say that MoP was the high point of class enjoyment for me in general. By its end, I had 2 of each class, 1 on each faction. Since WoD and Legion kind of destroyed my love of alts, I culled the herd to one of each class but only have 2 at max level...one of which was my free boost.
MoP was pretty great for just about every class I played. Mained a Warrior (switched around specs all the time), but had a blast with Disc and Balance back then.
Wrath was a mighty fine time to be a paladin.
Cataclysm was a fun time to be an elemental shaman.
MOP to now is as long as I have been a BM hunter and still having fun playing my class my way.
Tier 21.
Now that I don't have to rely on a Convergeance of Fate trinket. That was ridiculous. I'm not calling anyone out. You know who you are.
Wotlk mage was my favorite iteration. Particularly Fire.

Strictly speaking from a PvP standpoint.
Marksman Hunter in WoD.

I loved how it played and was considering playing it as my main until they changed it in Legion.......
Different for different specs of this monk.

MW legion
BM mists
WW legion
MOP was a lot of fun and interesting for the majority of my toons.
06/07/2018 03:14 PMPosted by Grellos
If I do druid:-

Moonkin: Legion
Resto: WOLK
Feral: WOLK
Guardian: Never, I find it one of the clunkiest most unfun specs in the game

So you enjoy being dead last on ST? They messed up Balance BIG TIME in Legion.

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