6/11M ANT raider LF guild for BFA

I'm looking semi-casual guild that clears Heroic and attempts Mythic within a tier, raiding 2-3 days a week. Preferably, it is a guild of mature folk who enjoy the game, enjoy raiding, and have very little drama. A guild that is active during non-raid times is a big plus!

I'm looking to either DPS or heal in BfA. I have multiple classes at 110 and am willing to main pretty much anything that will be beneficial to a raid team.
If you have no preference, I have been leaning toward warrior or paladin.

Times available & time zone:
Weekdays (M-Th): 8PM EST to 11PM EST
Friday, Saturday: 8PM EST to 1AM EST

Faction preference:
I prefer Alliance but I will go Horde for the right group.

Current progression/experience:
  • Antorus - 6/11 M with multiple pulls on M Kin'garoth and M Varimathras
  • Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 H
  • Nighthold - 10/10 N, 9/10 H
  • Trial of Valor - 3/3 N, 2/3 H
  • Emerald Dream - 7/7 H
  • Please leave a way to contact you and if I'm interested, I'll reach out! Thanks for reading!

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