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06/10/2018 03:20 AMPosted by Valrayne
Help me out here. Coming from Vanilla, i'm well used to the grind. But this is a new level of insanity. I've read the guides, watched the videos etc. and am still getting no where. 75% of the world quests are useless after you've done the "100 different BS" because they only reward a pathetic 75 rep...LOL; and the elite WQ's give somewhere between 75 and 150 making the ever so slightly more realistic to pursue. Throw into the mix that you can't fly and it takes even longer!

So here I am sitting at honored for most (except the Wardens because apparently getting rep from them is a no go so i'm stuck at friendly with them) and that's AFTER doing ALL the story quests which gave me the lions share of the rep that I currently have. All this after a couple months of grind.

I gotta be missing something here. Most of the vids I watched seemed to indicate it shouldn't take more than a month to get to revered or e.g. exalted with that whole allied race BS. Yet here I am doing all of that and getting no where out of Honored anytime soon. Yes yes, i've been spamming invasion points, hitting the emissary quests as soon as they pop as well. etc.

Is there no dungeon or raid that would give you NORMAL amounts of rep with the various factions like in so many other cases in previous expansions? Hell, even Molten Core still gives rep! Many dungeons would give 75 rep per mob! Let alone hoofing it all over the place and killing elites or various mobs and jumping through hoops or whatever for the same amount of rep!

Well thats funny i look forward to grinds in mmorpg or i wouldnt be playing one in the first place thats there main niche.
Math in public is going to suck, but here goes...

Legion model:
Full zone questlines will get you to not-quite Honored (Dreamweavers), or mid-way through Honored (Farondis, Highmountain, Valarjar, and Nightfallen).
Most World Quests (WQs) are worth 75 rep for non-human characters,
some rare WQs are worth 125 rep,
and the rare-elite WQs are worth 250 rep each.

WQ spawn rate on the Broken Isles is every four hours, although yes, some are every 24 hours. Duration is 24-72 hours.
Broken Shore spawns a WQ every four to six hours. Duration is 24 hours.
All Argus zones spawn an elite WQ every eight hours. Duration is 24 hours.
Mac'aree and Krokuun spawn a non-elite WQ every six hours. Duration is 24 hours.
Antoran Wastes spawns three non-elite WQs every 12 hours. Duration is 12 hours.
Profession WQs are based on your professions and do not factor into the calculations as not all of them award faction reputation.

Each Broken Isles zone spawns 4-10 WQs per day.
Worst case scenario of all WQs in a zone are normal, you can earn 300-750 rep per day for each faction. Given the duration, you can achieve that in about 15-30 minutes of play per zone without flying. With flying that drops to about 5-15 minutes of play per zone, and sometimes less depending on the types of WQs.

Oh yeah, WQs give the same amount of rep at every reputation level up to Exalted.

Classic model.
Argent Dawn.
Quests were worth about 6k rep and were spread across the reputation levels and dungeons. (Scholomance and Stratholme).
Certain outdoor mobs gave rep up to Friendly.
Non-elite dungeon mobs gave 5 rep per kill until Friendly. Chance to drop a normal Scourgestone.
Elite dungeon mobs gave 10 rep per kill until Honored. Chance to drop an elite Scourgestone.
Dungeon bosses gave 250 rep up to Exalted. Dropped a Corruptor's Scourgestone.
Scourgestones, once you had the ability to loot them, gave 50 rep per 20 normal, 10 elite, or 1 Corruptor's scourgestone. Elite and Corruptor's you rolled against everyone in your group capable of looting them.
In Scholomance, scourged whelplings had a chance to drop a quest item that gave 50 rep per turn-in. Average was one drop per clear of the room. Could be looted by everyone in the group that had completed the quest chain necessary to see the quest item.

Magram Clan Centaur and Gelkis Clan Centaur.
5 rep per kill until your character was level 42, then 1 rep per kill afterwards.

Cenarion Circle.
A few scattered quests around the world.
Primary source of rep was Silithus.
Open world kills gave 5-10 rep until Honored.
Shadow texts were 100 rep per turn-in of ten texts. About a 5% drop rate.
Lesser Lords were worth 25 rep and took 20-30 minutes to farm the three items necessary to summon them. Most people required a group of 3-5 to kill.
Medium Lords were worth 100 rep and required a group of 10-20 to kill. It took killing three Lesser Lords to summon a Medium Lord.
Greater Lords were worth 400 rep and required a 30-40 man group to kill. It took killing three Medium Lords to summon a Greater Lord.
Alternatively you could "farm" Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (the 20 man raid) once a week.
Trash kills gave 10 rep to Honored.
Boss kills gave 250 rep to Exalted.

Hydraxian Waterlords.
Quests gave about 3k rep spread across reputation levels.
Trash in Molten Core gave 10-25 rep per kill until Honored.
Boss kills gave 100 rep through Exalted.
Ragnaros gave 200 rep.
Limited to 1200 rep per week.

Thorium Brotherhood.
Theoretically infinite rep per week.
Dark Iron Ore gave 100 rep per 10 ore.
Blood of the Mountain gave 100 rep per blood.
Lava Core and Fiery Core gave 100 rep each.
Core Leather gave 100 rep per 10 leather.
However, the only one you could practically farm outside of a raid group was Dark Iron Ore. The only places you could farm it were Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, and the Blackrock Depths Dungeon.

Timbermaw Hold.
1 rep per kill. Each kill had a chance to drop a headdress or necklace.
10 Headdresses were 25 rep.
A necklace was 50 rep.

Zandalar Tribe.
Could only be gained in the Zul'Gurub raid (20 man).
Trash kills to Honored.
Boss kills to Exalted.
Coin and Idol turn-ins up to Exalted.
Some quests worth around 3-5k.

To recap:
Legion: in about 1-2 hours of play time per day you can earn at least 300 rep for all six factions, then another 30 minutes for the same 300 rep for the other three factions. Each week you can earn a minimum of 2100 rep for all nine factions. Add in seven Emissary quests at 1500 rep each and you have another 10,500 rep for the week.

Classic: depending on the faction you might be lucky to earn 50 rep per hour. And while some factions you could theoretically earn infinite rep per week, many were capped at 1000-1500 rep per week no matter how much work you put in.

Don't worry about your individual gain seeming so small. Do the WQs, do the Emissary's, do whatever quests are available in each zone, and your rep will get up there. And it WILL happen faster than you did it in Classic no matter your perception.
It isn't a "grind", in fact as you mention "grinding" it doesn't really help. You end up getting led to dead ends, when there are no more quests up.

You just go through some questlines, do the daily emissary, work the reps on the mission board.

You don't grind out the rep doing World Quests, rather you do them for a purpose (the daily emissary, etc.)

The mission board is where the BIG rep advancements come in. You always want to 200 percent them, for the extra token.
The rep grind is . . .ridiculous and has been since, like forever?

Semper Fi!
06/10/2018 04:05 AMPosted by Therothe
It's strange, how come the people who are praising the Vanilla rep system don't have exalted with the Steamwheel Cartel factions? They are still active with the Vanilla rep system getting 2 rep per kill.

Man, I hated that grind (and still haven't finished it).
I personally think rep farming in Warlords and Legion to be far inferior compared to Vanilla, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Back then they felt more organic and flowed with progression of the game. As you leveled in each expansion up unto and including farming pre-raid gear. Raids also gave rep for specific factions and generous amounts, while still taking time to attain exaulted.

I feel the new rep system is broken. I have farmed lots of rep for over 80 factions excluding Bloodsail Buccaneers and Ravenholt. Those are only 2 I know I don't have exaulted and probably never will. I don't mind some of the tedious ones but every faction in Legion if you are just starting out is even more so tedious a grind. One could easily do Insane in the Membrane achievement faster than getting exaulted with Legion factions. due to the gated mechanic. Can only do so much each day. Rep farming just doesn't flow very well and feels like a chore.
My vanilla account was lost in a fire after a flood took out my computer.

Wait...this is my vanilla account.

It's a miracle!
You do know that we can verify if you are trully a Vanilla Player right?

And you are not... you are a WoD Baby at best.

Quit the crying and play the game you lazy kid.
06/10/2018 03:36 AMPosted by Annalexia
06/10/2018 03:26 AMPosted by Therothe
Looking at your achievements you mind telling me what part of you came from Vanilla?

Cause if that was the case you wouldn't be making this topic if you knew what it was like to get rep up for Vanilla factions.

This !@#$s me when people say crap like this...

The difference between legion rep grinds and vanilla rep grinds are massive.

In vanilla you could FARM mobs to rep up, each mob gave u took as long as YOU wanted it to take, if u wanted to smash it out u could grind and farm.

But in legion u can’t grind out the rep, it’s purposfully time gated to be drip feed to u via world quests and boxes...there is no way to grind it out apart from doing the small amount given to you then just waiting for more.

Yea both grinds took ages but, Vanilla rep grinds gave u choice, legion rep grinds don’t.

Sick of people saying “ohh well uhh duh lf u played vanilla duh u uhh should be fine with legion rep grinds duhhh”

2 rep a pop quests are a grind, what we have today really isn't.
It took me like 100 hours of grinding boring quests and reputations to get pathfinder after I came back. The whole time in head I was imagining past expansions where I walked up to a flight trainer and paid them gold, then flew off.
06/10/2018 06:19 AMPosted by Werbatim
06/10/2018 06:14 AMPosted by Desyre
It's not a rep grind. It's just a reputation you obtain from playing the game. "Grinding" was something like killing pirates or furbolgs for hours on end. This is just doing a handful of quests every day.

It's worlds apart in difference.

Just do the world quests and order hall missions. Everything happens organically from that.

How are world quests and mission table stuff normal gameplay? You don't get gear from them except the random legendary items and the rest of what you get is gold and order hall resources which most people use to get more gold. There is no organic gameplay reasons to do them at all. They don't progress your character or the story. The only reason I have done any world quests at all for the last 18 months is that they were required to upgrade legendary items at a reasonable rate every large patch and the insane grind they want you to do to get the paragon mounts.

I absolutely hated world quests and the table missions and that is supposed to be content you would do 'just playing the game?' Honey, if they took those gold and mount rewards away from it no one would ever do them. That's the opposite of normal gameplay.

You're entitled to your opinion. You're not wrong. It's just that I'm not either. Things like mission tables and world quests, is the game now. That's just a fact.
rep grinds are how devs shortcut "not enough content"

I remember when we just did something once for a reward. Nowadays games often you give you nothing until you do it 100-200x or more.

anemic meager rewards hooked behind hugely repetitive skinner box feedback loop systems modeled after turning people into gambling addicts
A lot of players need to be told what to do and how to work towards it or else they would just sit in Ironforge and complain that the game has no direction.
06/10/2018 04:11 AMPosted by Annalexia
The fact u don’t realize that this game is 14 years old and tons of people do have several accounts some lost over time, really shows ur ignorance.

I'm still running the same account since 2004. It takes a special level of carelessness to lose access to an account.
Wow, hostile much folks? Geebus, let the guy be. I have a friend who lost her original account..she hadn't played for a while and changed e-mail addys and so missed the fact that someone had hacked her account and didn't notice her account had been locked for two years. When she came back she shrugged and created a new one. She and her hubby were the ones who got me & the hubby in game, and she was constantly complaining about how she lost all of this good stuff which her hubby still had.

Don't believe the guy? Just let it go. Don't answer him. That's the best way to deal with someone you think is fake. If they don't have an audience, they'll go elsewhere.

To the OP...unfortunately you're kindof stuck with doing the rep grind the way it is. This system was designed to have people playing for the length of the expansion, you're just dealing with it at the tail end of things. As others have said, some dungeons give you rep, and grab Kirin Tor whenever you get a chance, you can get extra rep from them. I made a point of grabbing Augussian Reach and Army of the Light rep because it was harder to get. Another thing, once you get your mission table set up and to a point, you can send your npcs out to get rep and gold for you. That helps a little.

And being a wrath baby, I never knew that type of grind so I can't tell you if its better or worse. But the rep grind is there and only you can choose if you want to go through with it or not.
06/10/2018 03:20 AMPosted by Valrayne
Help me out here. Coming from Vanilla, i'm well used to the grind. But this is a new level of insanity.

Pretty sure if you got a winterspring frostsaber mount before tBC you'd have appreciation for the new style of rep grinds rather than complaining.
Blizzard doesn't like it when you don't send them $$$ except for a brief period at the end of the expansion. If you had been playing the expansion consistently you'd have maxed out all your reps a long time ago.
06/10/2018 10:55 AMPosted by Pereg
Pretty sure if you got a winterspring frostsaber mount before tBC you'd have appreciation for the new style of rep grinds rather than complaining.

I have the trinket from the Timbermaw. 1 rep per kill at that point. That was rep grinding.

There's a difference between waiting on tomorrow's daily quests that you finish in a few minutes and grinding for hours on end for weeks at a time like you did back then.

Rep grinds are much kinder and easier these days. It's hard to even call them a "grind." Yes, it takes you a few days or weeks. No, it's not a matter of grinding. It's a matter of waiting. During which time you can actually go do stuff that's fun for you rather than waiting on mobs to respawn because someone else is grinding in your spot, too.

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