New to server, LFG

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Hey Shadowsong, i'm 'Sham'

recently transferred back to horde (thank god) and over to this server. Little about me: Navy sailor on active duty (won't be deploying for awhile)
Somewhere between casual and elitist IE when i raid im there to down bosses and have fun doing it, but doing mechanics are my #1. Looking for a community to join over here as my last one dissolved while i was deployed. I play WoW, Overwatch, I have destiny 2, and will be playing CoD when it comes out. Open to other games as well. Got a badass gaming rig and am reliable. Let me know if you think me and your community are a match! This is like a damn dating site lol
Hey all, ignore that crap i was drunk when i wrote it lol i am looking for a crew though
Hey Sham. If you are looking for a guild, look up Fates Call, there should be someone that can invite

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