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I'm gunna level a new ranged class. I have a mage and a shaman.. I'm looking for the biggest boom range class but I'm thinking it's not actually a boomy druid. Out of all the ranged classes which yields the most dps and OPness?
Outlaw Rogues go boom with pistols!
Locks are the bees knees
For DPS purposes, I'd say Beast Mastery Hunters or Destruction/Affliction Warlocks since you said you already have a Mage, a Shaman, and have no interest in playing a Balance Druid. Hunters have more CC than Warlocks do but Chaos Bolt hits !@#$ing HARD.

And also, Survival Hunter, while melee, it pretty OP right now in PvP.
Warlocks are the best ranged class right now, and its not even close.

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