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Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
Seventh Dawn is a World of Warcraft social guild on Hellscream-US Alliance for adults 21+. Our goal is to have a fun, no pressure atmosphere where everyone can enjoy gaming together regardless of background or skill. It is not our aim to be a large guild, but to instead be a close-knit group of players that values friendship. Seventh Dawn was created to be our WoW home - the place you look forward to logging into after a long day. No drama, no pressure, just fun.

ABOUT SEVENTH DAWN As the name implies, this is a new beginning for an old guild. We were originally Embervale and as has happened to other guilds, Embervale went quiet as members drifted away to other games or became bored with WoW in the “between expansion” doldrums. We have returned with new purpose to give ourselves a fresh start as Seventh Dawn. Whether you’re a solo player, an alt-oholic, a PVPer, a freshly returned veteran, or are new to Warcraft altogether, Seventh Dawn can be the home you’ve been looking for; we have members that enjoy a wide variety of playstyles. What brings us all together is our desire to play with friends, not strangers who share a guild tag.

We'd also like to mention that “We are not, and do not intend to become, a serious or hardcore raiding guild.” For content, one of our intended major focuses shall be on guild Mythic+ dungeoning. We hope to maybe do what we call some “light” raiding. If we have a group of 10 players that want to see that content we are happy to try but it will never make it to the level of hardcore raiding.

While Mythic+ Dungeons will be a big focus during BFA, we will not have set teams, nor will anyone be excluded due to their skill. We will always allow people to try out different classes and specs, or rotate overlapping roles if we don't have room. While we may have to be a bit more serious for higher mythic levels, everyone is welcome that wants to try. We are happy to coach new or veteran players. Mythic+ Dungeons will always be *something we can do for fun with friends* and will never be taken too seriously. Our goal is always to have a no drama, no pressure environment.

JOINING SEVENTH DAWN If you’re interested in learning more about us or want to submit an application, you can visit our website at: www.seventh-dawn.com

We currently have around 30 active accounts (members with active subscriptions). On BFA launch night, we were sitting at 20 players in game.

If you have any questions before applying, you can contact our officers @: Rille#1663, Mech#1311, Zoraiya#11935, Beleran#1977, Aubkabob#1642

Thank you for your interest! We hope to hear from you soon.
Still actively recruiting!
May give you guys a look! The small group of friends I used to play with doesn't play WoW anymore. Loved our casual atmosphere. Sounds like you guys are exactly what I'm looking for - a no-pressure (I have lots of work and family "stuff" outside of game), mature group (I'm 45). Love the idea of focusing on Mythic dungeons here and there, and doing some light raiding on my main, while casually leveling my alts.

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