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I've recently left my previous guild and now I am guild-free! I do not want to find a generic guild just because, and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to actually look for something that I want.

So, that's what I am looking for. A witch-themed guild. I am a destruction warlock, but I am not specifically looking for something that orbits around demons and fel exclusively. Instead, I look for something with an occult magic feel, with some Nature and forests mixed in. All that without being edgy or a crime guild. Think actual witches in general fantasy.

It does not have to fit my description to a whim, but something close to that. I hope that I was able to properly express what I am looking for.


I am not looking for a raiding guild, but I have cleared heroic Antorus already, in case your guild happens to take that into consideration. I would also like a more laid-back guild that does not enforce attendance to every single event ever.
i like you

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