<What a Gamer>11/11M Is Recruiting For BFA!

Guild Recruitment
<What a Gamer-Illidan> 11/11M is currently recruiting reliable players for BFA!

WaG is a guild comprised of close friends and long-time WoW players, many of which have previously raided Top 50 US. We strive to have as much fun as possible while simultaneously clearing current mythic content well before the next patch.

As a guild, we provide enchants, gems, flasks, potions, food and repairs for our raiders. We ask you do your part to help by contributing any loose mats to the guild bank.

We run Mythic+ multiple days per week and work to complete everyones keys while frequently pushing high Mythic+ keys above 20. If you are interested in pushing high keys in addition to raiding, we have a group for you! We also run multiple sale groups and consistently find buyers with 400+ sales done by our main team.

Raiding Times

8 - 11 PM server time (Central Standard Time) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Currently Recruiting

DPS - Ranged DPS and exceptional melee

Heals - Priest (Must play both specs) - Holy Paladin - Resto Shaman

Tanks - DK - Paladin - or other exceptional applicants may apply

Guild Information

Haikuu (GM) - Alarand#1905

Lor (Officer) - Lor#1167 <-- This is me!

Hardy (Officer) - Hardy#11628

You can contact one of our officers for more information! We hope to hear from you!
Still mostly looking for strong Rdps!
Still looking for rdps and healers!
Hpallies and any strong rdps are needed
Still looking for ranged dps to fill mythic spots
Ranged dps mostly
ranged dps are needed
Rdps, healers, and any other exceptional players

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