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Second Breakfast is a new daytime guild on Illidan. A guild where daytime players can join something new, play something new and get ready for the new expansion with new friends.

We know there are several daytime raiding guilds out there, but we would rather start fresh. Letting players level up together as a group, instead of just joining a guild and hopefully fitting in.
We believe leveling together is a great way to create the environment we all look for in a guild, one where everyone becomes friends working towards a common goal. A guild where we work together in creating a strong, tight-knit community and a solid raiding team.

Our guild will be drama-free, with a laid back atmosphere and will be successful in all we do. We believe strong leadership and active members are the key to succeeding and becoming the long term home we all want.

We want everyone to have a chance to experience Battle for Azeroth raid content, no matter what their raid experience looks like. We want to provide a home for those new to the game, to those coming back after a hiatus and to those that just want to break into raiding.

Raid Times--9am-12:30pm CST
Raid Days--Tentative Tues, Wed, Fri.

  • Raiders, Pvpers, Casuals, New Players. All types of potential guild members, at any level, are welcome, as long as you respect your fellow players.
  • Raiding experience isn’t necessary but a willing to learn and work together is. We can learn the new BfA raids together.
  • We want a guild that is great at raiding and has a fantastic social aspect.
  • Morning/daytime raids--9AM-12:30pm CST
  • Horde. Let's declare our Allegiance for The Horde in Battle for Azeroth.
  • Starting new characters together. Some at level 1, some are newly boosted 110’s, others have transferred in.
  • Any level toons, Heirlooms, RaF and Boosting are welcome. Join us with those freshly made 110’s or transfer your already maxed ones.
  • I'm online, if anyone has any questions or would like to join us.
    Monday morning hello...
    Good luck with the new guild. We raid mornings too. Hope it works out. Free bump
    Thank you, Consecrater. :-)

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