This is the worst login screen I've seen

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I mean... how dare you?

What is this trash lol
What's wrong with it?
At least it doesn't have a loud obnoxious dragon on it.
That's a picture of Shado and Human Friend going skinny dipping (there's a lake nearby).

Too bad they only focus on their clothing and weapons :(
No green, I approve.
06/19/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Curio
No green, I approve.
Looks good to me. I approve.
No obnoxious dragon.

Fits the theme of the expansion.

Now begone.
06/19/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Curio
No green, I approve.

But shouldnt there be a bat!@#$ ton of green on this login?
I think it’s great!
06/19/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Curio
No green, I approve.
For real i am so fkn tired of legion's theme
Obviously it's going to be an animated version, lol. Looks great to me
There's no 'gate' on it which is kind of disappointing.

IMO the best login screens have gates or portals on them. You know which ones didn't? Cataclsym and WotLK

And those ones sucked

We should probably just call off the expansion right now cause it's probably all down hill from here
Why would be need a gate when we're already on Azeroth? We're not going anywhere else.

06/19/2018 04:29 PMPosted by Vivec
I mean... how dare you?

Whaddya mean, "how dare you". How high is your horse?

Their game. They can do with it what they want. Battle for Azeroth is between factions. That login screen reflects the conflict perfectly.
I like it, fits the theme of the expansion well.
I like it. It feels a lot more “old school” Warcraft than a lot of recent art and is reminiscent of the WCIII: RoC title screen.

It also emphasizes the theme of the expansion: instead of a portal suggesting an adventure, it’s the ruinous aftermath of a battle between the factions.
The first 2 minutes of this Taliesin and Evitel playing Ion and Lore clip perfectly sums up the log-in screens xD
Yay, it's not another portal! Thank Elune for that. I like it though. It's interesting, but not obnoxious. Sticks with the expansion's theme too.
Lol reminds me of a Runescape type of when I played that years and years ago, before coming to WoW :)

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