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11/08/2018 10:07 AMPosted by Keyadorth
all I know is that Naxx was a raid the killed guilds and Vaelastrasz the Corrupt was a boss that killed guilds. so two raids were guild killers but the black wing's lair only had one thing that killed guilds

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06/20/2018 05:54 AMPosted by Ellilaine
06/20/2018 05:50 AMPosted by Rebbekah
The original Naxx would be in 1.12.

The more pertinent question is will it kill every guild and cause Classic to die?

Why would it? Were there some guilds that fell apart due to lack of progress? Sure, the same applied to several other raids. Good guilds persisted and eventually progressed, bad ones collapsed...

We had that even earlier. Vael.

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