returning player LF RP Guild

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Returning player LF fun and friendly peeps who like to Rp, hang out, do a raid or two?
I stay casual about 65% of the time, i like to crack jokes, but I'll always stay respectful.

If you don't have guild we can still be friends too! currently loving the high mountain questing stuff on broken isles! come join me!
Have not seen a rp guild horde side yet but if you find one let me know. I mostly rp alliance side because I find it more difficult to find the rp horde side.
This Horde alt is in this here Kingdom of Quel Thalas, which seems mostly defunct, but as I only roll out about once a month to do this and that, I'm hardly a good source. Also, a death knight character is not much of a social butterfly. The few persons that I come across online in it probably would not be offended if there were more blood elves roleplaying in the guild. This is likely not helpful to our honorable Tauren or Orc seekers, sorry.

I have a goblin electrical engineer (shaman) I made recently for giggles to experience the goblin starting zone (a hoot, I recommend). If you find something, or start something roleplay oriented I could park her in, to occasionally log on for goblin comic relief, let me know!
Rp guild here recruiting, shoot me a message in-game I'll invite, were a social/casual rp guild.

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