Aff/furyprot/hpally lf late night 9 or 10/11

Guild Recruitment
3 people looking for a new guild after ours disbanded. Looking for a group either working on Aggramar or just starting on Argus.

Specs: Aff Lock, Fury/Prot War, Holy Pally.

Faction: Prefer Alliance.

Exp: Low % on Aggramar, warrior has killed Aggramar.

Aval times: Tues/Wed/Thurs prefer 11 EST to 3 EST can work with starting at 9 EST.

If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to add: Ardynix#11937 .
Also to be clear we are looking to start raiding in an established guild now, and fully intend on continuing into BFA.

I also have experience on tanking M:Argus until p3. And my prior raid experience: I was top 10 US in MoP as a tank, I don't really feel like posting everything but you can add me if you want it all.
Hi, don’t know if you guys would be willing to push it an hour later, but our guild is currently 10/11m, and on Argus with multiple pulls on P3! We are <Intent> and we raid T/W/Th 10pm-1am PST (12-4 EST). We’d love to have all 3 of you on our team! Feel free to add me at boomzing#1889. :-)
Hey. Don't know if Sundays or Horde are a thing you'd consider, but I'm raid lead of Nightstalkers on Emerald Dream. We do Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday, current raid times are 8:30-12:00PM EST but switching to 9:00PM-1:00AM EST in BFA since a number of core raiders want us to raid later.

Nightstalkers has been raiding on Emerald Dream non-stop since TBC. I was raid leading for the guild in WoD and Nighthold. We got some reasonably okay ranks (Realm 1st mythic Blackhand, World 1033 mythic Archimonde, World 781 mythic Helya, World 1099 mythic Gul'dan.) but more importantly we had a low stress high fun atmosphere while clearing all mythic content in a reasonable time frame. We don't tolerate people behaving poorly to each other and we like to be efficient with our time.

I had to take a break in Tomb of Sargeras and we lost some players but I came back to raid leading mid way through Antorus. I'm looking to rebuild our roster and get back to where we were.

We're 10/11 mythic right now working on mythic Argus. Our best pull is 48%, we're recruiting all classes for BFA but also recruiting for mythic Argus since our roster is a bit tight right now. Your logs are good, and if you think it'd be a fit we could likely take all three of you and get you in to Argus progression. We want cutting edge, and I bet you do too so that would be pretty cool if things worked out.

If that interests you, my btag is Ianarian#1539 and our guild leader's tag is Defenestrate#1146.

This is our website For raids we use discord as voice chat. Thanks for reading :)
<Hold My Flask> is a group of friends that we acquired through our time of Mythic raiding together. We decided to reform the guild when the opportunity arose for us to play together again. We all have Mythic raiding experience and are very capable of pushing towards cutting edge content. Our atmosphere is laid-back and chill, but our roster is hard-working with the goal of downing Mythic bosses before the next raid tier. We hope to go into BFA strong!

What We're Looking For:
We are looking for a few more dedicated raiders who come prepared, knows the fight, and uses the required WeakAuras/addons.

We encourage all exceptional players to apply even if your class/role is not listed.

- Ranged/Melee DPS
- Tank
- Holy Paladin

Faction, Server & Region:
- Horde
- US-Tichondrius

Raid Times:
- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM (Pacific)

Previous Progression:
- 7/7M Emerald Nightmare
- 2/3M Trial of Valor
- 7/10M Nighthold

Voice Communication:
- Discord

How to Apply:
- Go to the Discord invite link to join the server. Click on the #guild-applications channel to apply.

Contact Info:
Battletag: Jintae#1648
Discord: Jintae#5804
Hey guys add me Wonday#1963 Lets have a talk about your future.

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