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My wife and I are returning for BFA and are looking for a good home.

We started raiding in vanilla WoW and kept on through Wrath of the Lich King. We left just before Cataclysm, and played SWTOR from launch, doing nightmare raiding until they stopped making group content. We dipped our toes back into Warcraft for Legion, but focused on 5 man content, without raiding. Now we're looking to come back and get a little more serious for BFA.

We have extensive hardcore and semi-hardcore raiding experience, but are a little rusty when it comes to Warcraft raiding. I don't think it'd take us long to get back on the bike. Most of our old friends don't have time for MMOs anymore or are in different time zones and don't have the lifestyles to match our availability anymore.

We're flexible on a lot of things (like faction, server, class/role, and degrees of hardcoreness/casualness), but the main raid times we'd be looking for are in the Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri 9pm-midnight Central standard time frame. We'd be playing on weekends, but wouldn't want to commit all of our weekends to raiding. We also probably wouldn't want to commit to more than two raid nights a week.

I currently have Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Druid, and Warrior ready to go. I'd say I'm currently most experienced on my Hunter and Mage, but find all of my characters fun (though on my druid, I prefer Resto to the other druid specs).

My wife has the most experience healing on various classes, but has tanked on her paladin quite a bit, and can dps as well.

We also have a good friend that we met through SWTOR who's interested in playing as well, at the times that we are, but hasn't committed to raiding yet.

Thanks everyone. BFA looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
Zuljin H <Reworked> A Guild of Returning Mythic Raiders Looking for Experienced and Eager to Learn Newcomers Alike. We Will Be Focusing on Progression Raiding, Ranked PvP And Mythic+. Social Members Are Welcome.

About Us:
We are a Group of friends with mythic experience Creating a fun and progression-oriented guild that will be raiding twice a week Friday and Saturday @ 6:30pm-9:30Pm PST.
We will be running normal and heroic On Fridays until BFA.

We are currently Have Open recruitment
Tanks: Looking for a DH, DK, Guardian, Protection Pally/ Warrior
Mdps: Limited Recruitment Currently
Rdps: Currently open recruitment but preference towards Warlock and Shadow Priest
Heals: LF resto Druid and Disc priest
Contact Info:
Btag: Evilsbane#1688
Don't know if you have any flexibility on scheduling, as our raiding begins at 8:30 Eastern...but if you do, I wanted to reach out to you to put No Good Deed on your radar. Your play history is remarkably similar to many of the members of our guild, and we have several husband and wife teams (including my wife being a pally healer/tank like yours).

Be happy to talk with you further in game to see if the fit is right. I put our more standard recruiting info below. Good luck in your search!
One of Bloodscalp's oldest established guilds, No Good Deed is based on stability and respect for its membership. Our philosophy has remained consistent from our founding in Vanilla, maintained because our leadership is still the same as it was back then. We have members who have been with us since that founding, and most of our core has been with us for many years and many expansions. This means we have been thru the highs and the lows of this game. We have gone thru each expansion together, seeing both the excitement of releases and the doldrums of the endings. We've seen 40 man raids turn to 10s and 25s and then into flex. We've been thru loot systems, hardcore raiding and every sort of challenge a guild can face (including losing a healer mid raid with this line: “AFK, wife just went into labor”). Thru it all, we've maintained our community and provided the opportunity for our membership to see the content with people we enjoy playing with.

While we had our run hardcore, 4-5 day a week, realm first raiding, our philosophy has evolved with our membership. Currently, we target Heroic level raiding on a two day a week schedule- Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 8:30 Eastern and continuing until around 11. Using this schedule, we have easily achieved AOTC with our core raiders on all tiers and had enough time to carry more casual raiders among us to that title. The atmosphere is relaxed but competent. Strategies are developed by the entire raid team, with no voice going unheard. Drama and loot issues are non-existent.

We are always seeking individuals who are looking to participate in this kind of environment. We are most active in the evenings and weekends on an Eastern Time Zone basis. We are NOT a spam invite guild; the right fit from a personality standpoint is just as important as ability in game. If interested, please contact me NGDMensrea#1491 to discuss it and we will find a time for you to join us in raid or in running some M+.
Good afternoon Mombo,

I read your post and I think we would be a good candidate for you and your wife!

I think you'd be pleasantly surprised to see just how active and social we are! We are always looking for fun people to group with--whether it is casual or hardcore. We have several raid and rbg teams for you to choose from. We also have more casual weekly events, such as Normal ABT runs and random and rated yolo BGs. Members are constantly grouping for various Mythic+ keys as well.

We are not just a collective number of Btags and Discord names that meet up for raids. We are friends that game together--whether it is in World of Warcraft or another game. If this sounds like the kind of community that you are interested in, then please explore the links below.

<Currently Online> Explore. Engage. Elevate.
Realms: Illidan - Horde and Sargeras - Alliance
Forum Post:

You are also welcome to join our discord and have a look around. Most of our weekly events are listed in the #events channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

Partnered Discord:
Look for Saph*
If Tuesday is a possibility I definitely would love to have both of you for our late night heroic group! I'll leave my blurb below and if it sounds like a fit hit me up!

<Basic Guild> on Mal'ganis has two late night raiding groups. A hardcore Cutting Edge Mythic progression group, and a casual Ahead of the Curve Heroic group. I think you'd be a fit for our heroic group!

We raid Tuesday and Thursday
8:30pm - 11:30pm PT
10:30pm - 1:30am CT
11:30pm - 2:30am ET
and are 11/11H with AoTC every tier for Legion.

We're currently looking for:
RDPS: Mage/Spriest/Ele
Healer: Closed
Tank: Closed

We are not currently raiding, as we have decided as a group to take a break until pre-launch/BFA.

Btag: Kylani#1647
Discord: Kylani#7927
Thanks for the responses, everyone. I'm trying to work out what flexibility we have and will get back with folks if times open up.
Who: <Cloudy Day> a semi-casual guild
What: A 11/11H & 1/11M late night & weekend guild LFM
When: Friday & Saturday @ 10pm EST to 1:30am
Where: Horde and high pop Zul'Jin server
Why: We are a mostly 30+ year old crowd with the core leadership having served in the military together. In our first guild run ( 17 Feb) we managed to clear 7/11H. We are former high end raiders or people who came to xpac late.

Below is our most needed classes headed into BfA. Being a semi-casual guild if you know your Tank/Healing OS it is even more helpful. Feel free to contact us even if your class isnt listed:
All ranged DPS

Also recruiting the following tanks and healer classes:
Brewmaster Monk
Blood DK
Veng DH
Resto Sham
Disc Priest

Contact: Akishmi#1849 (Bnet) or AaronKish#6048 (Discord)

*** Please note that guild is on break until BfA so no organized ABT runs but guild still partakes in other guild events ***
Hey Mombo+lady,

Check out <We Were SOLDIERs>. I think we are a perfect fit for what you are looking for! 2 days only (Thurs/Sun!), 8-11 EST, great group, and can use a both on our mythic roster (or heroic team)!! Some of our former top 100 raiders find it a perfect mix here between a HC mindset and a minimal casual schedule. We always end by 11 pm EST! We are a "life first" guild designed for former top 100 players who don't miss all of the top 100 requirements and raid culture. As mentioned, we also have a Wednesday evening group that is super casual, AOTC only. Check us out and let me know what you think. I would love to talk more, added you as Pardeux#1196!

More Info:
Hey there,

After reading your post I believe what we’re offering as a guild lines up with what you’re looking for. Check out my post below if you think we would be a good fit shoot me a message.
Hey! We're a group of veteran players (played since Vanilla) and are looking to have consistent raiding in BFA. We are not looking for hardcore players, but we are going to be progressing through heroic. We're super laidback and love to enjoy the game while we play. We like the late night dungeons and raids, talking with each other over Discord and drinking a beer. We'd love to have you and your wife join!

Guild: Space Force

Server and Faction: Emerald Dream, Horde

Raids: Tuesday night 9 - 12 CST.
Raid / Dungeons Thursday night 10 - 12 CST.

If you're interested, please contact me and join our Discord chat *tonight* (06/20/18). I will reach out to you, but you can always reach out by adding me on Bnet: Jidn#1801

My new Guild on Kel'Thuzad is recruiting new and old players alike! Add me in game and you can certainly join. Our raid times will be tues-thurs 7-10pm EST
This spam is currently for Mythic progression in ABT :) Looking for serious players to clear Mythic Ant and to build with for BFA. We just started our Mythic progression in May after 7 core raiders transferred to Hyjal. We almost have a full roster & are looking to fill the last few spots with permanent serious raiders with impeccable attendance.

We're LFM for BFA. I'd prefer to chat over voice/discord & not in PM's if you're interested. Thanks!

Pale Horse - Hyjal Faction: HORDE

Raid Times/Days:

6:00pm-8:30pm PST Monday/Wednesday MYTHIC PROGRESSION (accepting trials)

Currently on Eonar

6pm-8:30pm PST Thursday Heroic - for guild alts or mains. Not required.

Progression: 3/11M

Btag: DatDotDoe#1270 or Deathfollows#1153,

Discord: Gldfsh#1218 or Deathcallsu#1673


Needs: 3 DPS, 1 Heal, and tank.

High Priority: Ele Shaman, RDPS

Low Priority: Hunter - Please apply, willing to take the right applicant

More info:
Hey there you two! We run heroic content 2 nights a week Sun/Mon 5:30-8:30 PST. If you are flexible with a Sunday night, i think you both would fit quite well with us! Check us out Hope to hear back! :)
If you are into raiding or looking for a group to come hang with come check us out on Whisperwind, alliance side.

<Errant Venture> (10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS. 11/11H ABT) LF DPS / Heals for our weekend raid team for Heroic ABT - Sat 7-10pm EST / Sun 2-5pm EST.

Hit me up on Kohmet#1597

Weekend Raid Team

Weekday Raid Team

Guild Website

Don't forget to use and post to the Recruitment Discord in addition to these forums

**Beyond Reason** If you are looking for a fun, and more relaxed raid environment while still clearing mythic content on a reduced schedule.

We might be the right fit for you. Our primary focus will be on M+, but our core team all use to be top 250 or higher in the world as a raid team. We enjoy more than just raiding, but a lot of us our older, and cannot commit to a crazy hardcore schedule anymore.

We raid:
Raid times are 7:00-11:00pm EST every Sunday

If you wanna know more contact me @ Doc@1356

Thank you,
GM of Beyond Reason
Hello Mombo,

[H] [Hyjal] (Mile Hyjal Club) is recruiting for BFA and end of legion raiding! We are a fun loving guild looking to progress through end game content and are currently in need of 1 tank, 1 healer, and multiple DPS. Our raid times are T/TH 7pm to 10pm pacific time with Monday being an optional/alt run day. We also like to do Mythic+ frequently and you can reach me directly at Shmeagol#11794.

For more info please see our main post below:

Thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck on your search for a new guild!
Hey if you are above 21 years old and are interested in playing in a multi game community of like minded adults check us out.

We do not require a server change!

Yes you should check out that website! its better than any guild site you've ever seen i guarantee it.

Raid days are
Tuesday: 9-11pm EST
Thursday: 9-11pm EST
Sunday Optional farm day: 5-7pm est

You can contact me at Deathwing#1757
Mombo - Is Tues/Wed open for you both? We also start at 8pm CST, so we may not be a good fit.... but just in case, check us out!

Hello! I’m June, Recruitment Officer of Last Ständ. We are looking for players to join our community as well as our progression raid team now and for BFA. We have an exciting and fun community that’s been together for over 10 years! We offer a casual and relaxing guild environment with a determined raid team to squash Heroic encounters (at the very least). We are currently 1/11M with Felhounds down to 25%, but we are taking a step back to finish recruiting and make sure we have the right players on at the right time each week.

Guild: Last Ständ
Server: Moonrunner-US
Raid Schedule:
    - Tues/Wed Progression 6:00-9:00pm PST
    - Sunday - Fun Night!

Needs: Skilled DPS & alternate raiders
Apply Here:
Recruitment Contacts: @June#1977 [Discord], Ashley1640#1792 [Bnet]

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions! I look forward to talking to you :)

Hello. Here is another option for you

Message me if you are interested.
Hey boss, if you haven’t decided yet give me a holler. Thanks!


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