Green fire spell problem.

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After completing the quest long time ago with my warlock, its seem that i dont have the green fire spell, so i got in the top of the black temple (where you activate the green fire spell the first time) but i don't see anything, so there is another place or another way to reactivate the green fire spell for warlock? i just restart playing from a 2 years break so maybe there is some change since. Thanks
Are you certain you completed the Green Fire questline on this character, Eldoran? I'm looking at the quest history and I don't show that you completed "Infiltrating the Black Temple".

This character in particular completed the first quest "A Tale of Six Masters", but still needs to do the others. You should be able to speak with Kranosh for the Horde to pick up "Seeking the Soulstones".
srry it was my mistake, when i buy the item sealed tome of the lost legion, and activate it to create the codex of xerrath, when i clicked on it he tell me that i complete the quest so i though i already done the quest in the past, but thanks now i can complete the quest line to get my green spell.

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