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Show me your dwarves and their transmogs please!
I've been rolling with this transmog for pretty much the whole expansion.
Oi, Every well dress dwarf be comin' outta the wood work
*adjust helmet*

Well I ought, show my love fer Ironforge
Just a couple of sets slapped together.
After the model changes I no longer had my ice blonde hair and milk white skin. Before I looked like a goat cheese spokesmodel... now I don't. Branta is part of latin family name for geese, specifically Canada Geese, because she was always supposed to be a silly goose. I wanted a snow goose name but none of those worked for me.

I slapped on the helm to cover my pretty red hair and the outfit grew from there. I don't do a lot of transmog, mostly I make up a costume and keep with it. I will say that the red hair shades are nice but they just aren't what I want.

The hypno-crotch belt loses a lot with the armory, is much better rotating like Ka's (the snake from the original Jungle Book movie) eyes in game.
All hail the dwarven overlords.
Who needs a boomstick?
Raises a pint.
I had a lot of trouble settling on a mog. Still a WIP.
I love this mog with these fists.

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