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Emerald Dream
NeverHappened is looking for a few good people to join our ranks. We are a HORDE side guild on EMERALD DREAM server. Our focus is PvP and PvE.

We are a small group of returning players - most of us having taken a small hiatus from WoW and returning before the next XPack hits.

If you're looking for people to run old content with, so are we!
If you want to run RBGs, we do too!
Want to run Raids old and new once BoA hits? We will be - so why not join us!

We use Disco for all the things, cos Disco (Discord guys.. it's discord, yes).

The only requirements we have right now are that you also use Discord and that you do not cause Drama. We are a ZERO-DRAMA Tolerating guild. !@#$ disturbers will be booted.

If you want to get back into the swing of things, we are a very knowledgeable and helpful team.

SlashWho our guild and message anyone online to ask more questions or get an invite!
I am the one heading up recruiting efforts with Dycern. Like she said, we are a no nonsense guild, we are rebuilding and only need a couple people to fill some DPS spots. We don;t require a huge commitment as far as time goes. Raids are Tues / Thursday one week and then RBGs are Thurs / Friday the next week. We try not to burn out with raids and RBGs.

Hit me up in game if you want to chat, we are actively looking for a few more people to fill DPS spots.

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