[RP-PVE] The StormRats

Moon Guard
Down on your luck? In need of companionship? Looking to make a living fighting the good fight, wherever it can be found? Well, look no further, because the Stormrats are open for new recruits. A mercenary outfit low on regulations and high on profit, we’re looking for adventurers, heroes, warriors and soldiers from all walks of life, old veterans and young souls still looking to make a name for themselves. We offer a high speed, low drag environment and the opportunity to get paid fighting the battles that need to be fought. In such uncertain times as these, it’s important to have people you can trust at your back, and as long as you wear Stormrat colors, you’ll have friends for life. Stop by your local recruiter today! Be quick, be clever, be a rat!

StormRats is a freshly-founded PVE and RP guild looking for a strong roster of players for BFA. We do Mythics, progression raiding, RP events and transmog runs, and we offer a fun and social environment for all our members. We are beginner friendly and looking to build a strong community, so if you’re looking for a guild you can get in at the ground floor of, look no further! Neither PVE nor RP are mandatory – if you want to run the dungeons but don’t care for the RP events, that’s fine, and if you just want to RP but don’t want to raid with us, that’s okay too!

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