(H-RP) <Hellscreams Angels> The Product

Emerald Dream

Rumbling smog and roaring thunder descend on Ratchet. Hulking machines materialize from the dark. Death on wheels emerges from unsettled dirt; the Hellscream’s Angels have arrived.

The gang only slowed upon reaching a half-way acceptable tavern. They left their hogs out in front, as if anyone would dare to touch their property.

Entering public places was always the same. Patrons would stop what they were doing to gawk, guards would freeze. Whether strangers paused due to respect or fear, Ramborc didn’t know. Ultimately, he didn’t really care.

Ramborc nodded to his crew, as if to give them permission to make themselves at home.

Thotticus collapsed onto a chair, kicking off her boots and resting her feet on the table. Grampy strode over to the musician to "request" a song. Creed, from across the tavern, heckled the musician’s attempt to entertain. Ramborc, now seated by Thotticus, raised his hammer of a fist and brought it down against the table, as if to formally announce the group’s arrival.

A tiny green man scuttled to now-dented table, “S-s-sorry boss, we didn’t know ya’ were comin’.” The disgruntled owner snapped his fingers at a guy behind the bar, and within moments, a second tiny green man was pouring Durotar’s finest into much-used steins.

“Drink up, boys, we’ve got some business to discuss and we ain’t got much time to waste,” Ramborc said, raising a full glass to his lips.

Vamik, on the literal edge of his seat, asked “What ya got planned for us, boss?”
“Somethin’ good, boys,” Ramborc smiled, and continued after a quick sip, “Finish ya’ drinks and then I’ve got somethin’ real nice to show ya’.”

Drinks were drunk and stories were exchanged. Satiated, the admittedly inebriated gang stumbled towards the tavern’s exit. Creed turned to the tiny green man and said, “Put it on our tab.”

To no surprise, their vehicles were untouched. Ramborc steadied himself on his hog. He turned to his crew, “Follow me, boys. And look out for anythin’ funny, this right here is for our eyes only.”

Ramborc road north, the stillness of the night punctuated by the thrum of machines. He rode up to a building that was undoubtedly inspired by goblin architecture. Ugly, yes, but ultimately good for keeping a low profile. Inside, more tiny green men laboured over things that glowed and things that probably burned flesh if touched.

The goblins were so engrossed in their work that they didn’t even notice the arrival of the Hellscream’s Angels. No need for greetings, though, they were hard at work. There’s no time for distractions when you’re on the cusp of a new enterprise.

“What’s that, Boss?” Althalos asked, studying formulas and parchment diagrams that had been nailed to the wall.

“So ya’ boys are familiar with arcane and how elves just can’t seem to get enough of it, ya?” Everyone looked at Thotticus. Ramborc broke the silence, “This right here is somethin’ way more potent.”

Ramborc reached into his pocket, collecting the little treasure that warranted this meeting. He opened his palm to reveal a glowing green crystal. “It’s our new product. I’d like you all to meet Crystal Fel.”

The gang moved towards him, fixated on the sample. He wasn’t sure if his comrades were stupefied or in awe. “Respectfully, sir, what is it?” Creed questioned.

Ramborc cleared his throat, “Well, ya take some arcane crystal, cut it with some coagulated fel blood, and add a little Gobbo’ touch to it and BAM! Ya’ got this bad boy right here.”

“Genius,” muttered Vamik.

“The best part is, we’re the only ones with it,” Ramborc continued, “We’re gonna corner the market, boys.”

“Who’s supplying the arcane?” Grampy asked, arms folded.

“I got a guy... Eznick, a smugg--” Ramborc paused, thinking over his words. He was a businessman, after all. “Mr. Eznick Isle-Frack is the best importer I know.”

*To be continued*
I love me some morally gray RP!
06/28/2018 11:34 AMPosted by Tolvashoc
I love me some morally gray RP!

We all can't be Lawful Good horndogs of the light.
06/28/2018 11:42 AMPosted by Thotticus
06/28/2018 11:34 AMPosted by Tolvashoc
I love me some morally gray RP!

We all can't be Lawful Good horndogs of the light.

Aye, she's speakin' from experience.
Very nice.
great read!
06/28/2018 08:53 PMPosted by Slaanesh
Very nice.

06/28/2018 09:33 PMPosted by Jimmirus
great read!

Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it. Part 2 coming shortly.
Will be posting the follow up tonight, stay tuned.

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