Alliance Turalyon Guilds I need your Info.

Hello there Alliance Guilds for BFA message here Plz TY all types I WANT YOU and your info.. mostly your info though . =) compiling a list to help Sieara for the Alliance side of guilds who are recruiting for members. I need the following info

Guild Name:
Raid days/Times:
Type of guild : example (Pvp, Casual, Normal, Heroic, Mythic, social, role play,
Contact Info: So possible recruit or person wanting info can get in contact with you.

Thanks very much and hope this Forum can help everyone get some people added and ready for BFA.
Guild Name: FORCE
Raid days/Time: Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-11 pm EST
Type of guild: Mythic Casual
Contact: BT: Brittster#1804 Discord : Jaharra#9913

*just like this ^ short , simple and to the point. Thanks
Guild Name: Chaotic Neutral
Raid days/Times: Tues/Wed 8-11
Type of guild : Casual Cutting Edge
Contact Info: Halphus (Bnet: Halphus#1464, Discord: Halphus#7054)
Guild Name: LochModanYachtClub
Raid days/Time: Fri/Sat 11:55pm-3am EST
Type of guild: Casual AOTC+ (Heroic with Mythic prog as a bonus)
Contact: BTag - DwarfTosser#1897) / Discord (Agentg1303#7130)
Guild Name: Beer Money
Raid days/time: Friday 9:30-12:30 EST
Type of guild: Casual, Normal/Heroic
Contact: BTag - Noltad#1177 Discord - Scorch#2580
Guild Name: Tempeste
Raid days/Time: Saturday 8:15pm-11:00pm EST
Type of guild: Normal/Heroic Casual
Contact: Discord : 3Dog#7305
Guild Name: Judgement
Raid days/Times: Sat/Sun 7p - 10p EST
Type of guild : Heroic/Mythic
Contact Info: Injustice (BTag inj#1944), Bloaf (BTag/Discord bloaf#1198)
Guild Name: Hypnotic
Raid days/Time: Wed & Thurs 8-11pm EST
Type of guild: Mythic
Contact: BT: Laatu#1956 Discord: Laatu#4967
Guild Name: Knightfallen
Raid days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 10pm EST
Type of guild : Heroic Raid
Contact Info: Kongpooh (Btag Nitemair#1224)
Guild Name: Elysium
Raid Days/Times: Main Raid: Saturday/Sunday 7pm - 9:30pm EST. Alt/Casual Raid: Thursday 7pm - 9:30pm EST.
Type of Guild: Casual Heroic/Mythic.
Contact Info: Solä ( Btag Sola#11923 )
Guild Name: Judgement
Raid Days/Times: Saturday/Sunday 7pm - nlt 11pm EST
Type of Guild: Casual Heroic/Mythic - Zero Drama
Contact Info: Injustice (Btag INJ#1944)
Guild Name: Imperious
Raid days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 - 10 PM CST
Type of guild : Heroic Raiding, working towards Mythic. Casual PvP.
Contact Info: Soliya (Sublimity#1478)
Guild Name: Neverender
Raid days/Time: SUN/MON/TUES 8:30pm-11:30pm (EST)
Type of guild: Normal/Heroic Casual / Social
Contact: Siyonae (BTag: Nickidoodles#1448)
looking good the list is growing , *bump for my fellow alliance guilds*
Guild Name: Harmony of Souls
Raid days/Times: Tues/Thurs 8-10pm Est
Type of guild : Heroic Raiding, high mythic + keys, Social, Casual.
Contact: BT - Jinxx#1511

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