[A] <Elite> 3/8 M - LFM

Guild: <Elite> - Kel'thuzad [US] [A]

Faction: Alliance

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday 8-11 PM (MST) with an optional day on Sunday 8-11 PM (MST)

Current Progression https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/kel-thuzad/Elite

Recruitment Contacts: (Discord)
Ackthal#9785, Snow#8528, Deceptions#1474

Expectations: http://elite-kt.gamerlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11947799&gid=574111

Application: http://elite-kt.gamerlaunch.com/recruiting/app_application.php?gid=574111[/url]

Warlock, Ret paladin, Havoc DH, Hunter, Healer - any exceptional players will be considered.

Goals/Plans: Full Mythic Progression, M+ Dungeons
Just recruited 3 more solid players (including a tank!), still looking for many more!
Our roster keeps growing, starting to build a solid foundation. Please inquire if interested.
Excited to see what BFA has in store for us!
Still need one more main tank and ranged DPS!
Had a very successful heroic ABT clear this last week, still in need of a dedicated tank and more caster DPS!
BFA is looking extremely promising. Tanks and ranged DPS still in high demand!
Still looking for more quality players! Special need for ranged and a tank.
Need moar ranged DPS!
Need more players that are good at playing both their DPS and tank/healer specs! Recruiting all who are interested in pushing mythic in BFA!
Still looking for more mythic raiders!
3/11Mxp rdruid took a little break in legion was hard to find a healer spot been playing rdruid since MOP if interested add me :) Shawna#11556 my other druid is
Looking for all mythic quality raiders going into BFA!
Looking for more ranged DPS
Still trying to get as many good quality players as we can!
Need more ranged DPS! (shadow priest would be great)
Still looking for more ranged DPS
Need a skilled/experienced havoc DH!
Still need a DH and Holy Paladin.
Bump for awesome guild!

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