[A] <Elite> 3/8 M - LFM

Right now its mostly raid team that is consistently doing +10 and higher keys each week but we would like to expand on that and include more people to build with as we continue to grow and improve our guild. If you have an interest in M+ and are looking for a laid back environment containing solid players without the elitist mentality (I recognize the irony here) then I feel very proud to be able to offer you our guild as an option. Casual players are welcomed and encouraged.

We will be launching a second raid team this week that will be running Sunday / Monday from 6:30-9 server time (MST) that we are actively recruiting for.

If you have any interest in our guild, please message me on discord.
My username is Snow#8528
Feel free to DM even if you have an interest in us or have any questions and would like to chat.
Looking forward to another solid progression week, let us know if you're interested!
If you happen to be accepting fury warriors as an additional member please let me know.
10/16/2018 10:11 AMPosted by Dumper
If you happen to be accepting fury warriors as an additional member please let me know.

sent you a friend request
Here is a clip from our mythic Zek kill last week!


If you are interested in joining and have any questions feel free to add me on Discord so that we can chat.
My username is Snow#8528

If you are looking for a dedicated and positive team to run raid, m+, casual arenas, etc with then we may be your one stop shop. We have an average player community of ages 20-30 and have built a lot of lasting relationships within. Our Discord stays very active. All casual players are welcome.

If you are interested in a core raid spot, please message me on Discord with a link to your logs and I will provide you with our raid application.
Recleared Zek last night and met our goals for vectis progression putting us at a total of 22 pulls. Projecting a kill in the next 15-25 pulls.

Looking for solid dps and healers to trial with us and hopefully become a part of our team.
Looking for more DPS and healer trials!
Currently looking for high end dps and a healer.
Need champion status players!
Still need more to round out our roster!
LF mythic caliber raiders as well as m+ pushers
Just got a solid wave of m+ players and always looking for more.

Still recruiting top notch dps for our core team. Warlock priority. DM me on Discord at Snow#8528

All m+ and casual players are welcomed. Our goal is to build one of the best guild communities on KT.
Looking for quality players. Warlock in high demand. All solid players will be considered.
Still looking for good players!
Need more ranged!
We have decided to close our doors here on KT and the raid team is transferring to horde on Illidan. I can still be reached at Snow#8528 on Discord.

Transfer will be complete by this weekend.

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