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Guild Recruitment
urge to recruit rising!
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daylight come and I want some recruits~
I like the front page
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any monks interested in heroic we do have a spot on the heroic team for a non tank
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where are all the monks!
Hey! I'm interested in joining your guild as a raider! Your times work for me and it seams like your guild is a good fit and a fun place to be.

I'm a healer/dps with past mythic experience and have cleared every raid on at least heroic difficulty since BC. I am looking for a raiding guild that is community oriented and is more than just a raid team.

About me,
I'm 22 and a masters student in college. I can commit to a raid schedule 90-100% with the only missed days being unavoidable or unplanned life related stuff that would get in the way. Want to push mythic, and although I havent done so often in the past I am ready to play at that level but not in a hard core 4 night a week sort of space. I am wanting to heal on my pally or play my hunter%rogue as a main next pack, but am flexable to playing other roles/ classes.

I will leave my info here and I look forward to hearing from ya'll! I will reach out myself with a friend request as well later today/tomorrow!
Bnet: Blueberry#12812
Discord: Blue#5674
hey baken sent you a discord request my dude lets chat :)
bump bump bump, teams are pretty full but still take excellent apps for our adventures :)
any resto/ele shamen mains want to take a crack at heroic? let us know!

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