[H] T/TH 8:30-12a EDT 2/8M LF Ranged DPS

Guild Recruitment
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[H] <Arrogance> T/Th 7:30p-11p CST Mythic Raiding guild welcome players that love to parse and beat everyone on meters! We are 8/8 heroic and 2/8 mythic.

About: Arrogance is the perfect home for raiders who have played at the highest level. We are a group of players that have been raiding together in MMOs for 5+ years. In the past we have pushed ourselves in raid content and have always gone for those World First titles (and have a few under our belt). In Battle for Azeroth we are taking a similar approach to how we operate. We expect our members to work hard to succeed in this game. You are expected to do your part, come prepared and be focused during raid times. As a guild our goals will be to complete all of the raid content on the hardest difficulty while maintaining our 2 night a week schedule.

Potential Recruits: You have a hardcore mentality but want to raid on a casual schedule, research your class and min/max you character, and you are able to maintain +90% attendance. We expect you as a raider to have thick skin and be able to handle constructive criticism and will always look for ways to improve as a player. Last and most importantly if you join our guild you need to not be an a-hole. If everyone hates you because you’re a jerk, you will be removed :D

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30p - 11p CST (8:30p - 12a EST)

Recruitment Needs:
Priest (Disc)
Priest (Shadow)
Druid (Resto)
Druid (Moonkin)
Hunter (Ranged)
Shaman (Resto)
Shaman (Elemental DPS)
Death Knight

Progression/Experience: The majority of our member have extensive raid experience in WoW. As a guild we have achieved the following raid ranks:

World 5th - Experiment X-89 (GA) -
World 5th - Kuralak the Defiler (GA) -
World 5th - Phagetech Prototypes (GA) -
World 5th - Phagemaw (GA) -
World 5th - Phageborn Convergence (GA) -

World 11th - NiM Eternity Vault -
World 10th - NiM Karagga’s Palace -
World 8th - The Infernal Title (Timed run) -
World 8th - The Unyielding Title (Timed run) -
World 7th - HM Explosive Conflict -
World 5th - HM The Writhing Horror (TFB) -
World 2nd - HM The Dread Guards (TFB) -
World 1st - HM Operator IX (TFB) -
World 1st - HM Kephess the Undying (TFB) -
World 1st - HM Terror From Beyond (TFB) -

Contact: Cali [GM] Battletag - Cali#1522 Discord Cali#2821
Sang [Officer] Battletag - Sang#1425 Discord - Sang#8520

Join our Gchat Community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/xMZzWAAipRx?region=US&faction=Horde
Edit: removed contact form and updated with community link
We have about 10 players currently looking for a couple more to move into BFA and start doing raids. Come join us on Tues/Thurs if you want to try before you buy.
We are an ideal place for returning players who want to play with other former world first raiders on a more casual schedule. Come talk to me any evening.
Almost time for raid! We playing on our raid schedule and learning the Antorus fights on Heroic. If you're have raiding experience and are a returning player come raid with us! We don't expect everyone to know these fights because...well we don't fully know these fights.
looking for some exceptional healers!
Still looking for excellent players. Message me in game. I'm on most evenings.
Looking for some amazing healers. Is that you?

Created a community to chat with prospective players
We are super hyped for BFA. We will be having a Guild Meeting on Thursday, Aug 9th at 8:30pm EDT for those with interest in joining.
We are going to be using our community chat instead of guild chat. We have a lot of members in our core with alts on other servers so it makes sense for us to do this. Come join the Community and hang out. Community Link: xMZzWAAipRx
Looking for a few good people.
We have a light schedule but look to make the most of it.
Super excited for some of the new stuff coming in BFA. I'll see you there!
Looking for more to hit BFA hard next week!
Looking for more!
Looking for some experienced raiders
Ikea furniture sucks to put together...but at least it looks good.
Looking for some amazing healers and DPS. Come join us and lets own it up.
Welcome returning wow raiders! Come join us through leveling, dungeons and raids!

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