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Forged Destiny is a new guild looking for members. We will not be casual, nor will we be hardcore. Just looking for members to hit it hard once BFA comes out. The goal will be to clear heroic level content in the new expansion. Don't bring any drama or toxicity. We want members who like to have fun, not just while playing the game, but also enjoy socializing with like minded players. It's not about how big your dps is or what ilvl/raider IO you have. It's about being part of a team that enjoys each other's company while we play. So come forge your destiny with us! Hit me up in game or even send an in game mail if you'd like. Thanks for your consideration and hope to see you in game.
I am in this guild with my alliance toons. I can confirm it is actually a pretty decent guild. There are always at least 10-20 people on and they seem pretty active in doing stuff. Also they do not have that elitist attitude that some other guilds tend to have.
That's wonderful. Good luck with your guild. It would be interesting if your guild didn't harbor racists and anti-Semites. Just saying.
That was never my experience with them Sneakafur... they have really nice people.

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